Does anyone still have the SDK docs?

The links on H.Coder Blog are long dead.
Anyone have a copy of

Filesystem SDK:
Scripting SDK:
Bio SDK:
Writer’s guide:

The files are still up, it’s just that MediaFire has changed how the links to them should be formatted.

Writer’s Guide

Keep in mind that these are all 8+ years old; for the most part that shouldn’t matter, but if you want to script things like fertility between custom races, I’d take a look at how actually implemented mods do it rather than the ‘ideal’ way the SDK docs have as an example.

If there’s something you’re trying to understand or accomplish and the SDK docs don’t get you there, I might be able to give some insight as well.

Thanks Jimbobvii.

I’m interested in understanding what the source code does so I can better understand how it does it.