Dohavocom Belly Mod's compatibility with other mods


I also have the Proxy Gen mod installed, but I notice that a lot of the proposed effects of the current version of the mod don’t appear at all. No extra belly talk, no mall, no gym, no hair dye. I’ve extracted the file to my game_data twice now, and I don’t see any of it taking effect.

Let this also be a thread for other people experiencing compatibility issues, unless it’s about nostro’s mod.

I know I mentioned this in the discord, but it’s good to have it here.

Make sure you’re extracting the mod files into the fetishmaster folder, and not the game data folder

Any thought to expanding the mod to allow the user to “weight” the gain to other locations of the body? Pear, hourglass, etc.

Certainly. I was actually thinking about a way to redo how fat distribution last night. But i already have enough to work on with my current mod, haha!