Draconic Expansion, a dragon girl extortion, city building simulator: The Court Update out now!

Hey now that I think about it, not if you had it planned, but it would be fun to have some mini games, it would be fun to gain or lose weight, or others in different events, or I think it would be fun, I don’t know if that would be something. complicated


Awesome, you have some of my favorite projects on the site. I’m looking towards more completed works from you!


just take your time with it the game is quite good already so dont rush it

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Gentlemen, we got the news.
Praise be to the dragon riders of Caledor.


I’m happy i’ll be able to get a good ending, i proppose the win condition to be to last long enought and have a good relationship whit the city(if you don’t have both you get the normal trapped in a cave ending

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This is probably one if not my favorite WG Game.
Excited that it’s still being worked on :slight_smile:
Thanks for your hard work

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Still one of my favorite games to ever come out of a game jam, or from this forum in general. If I ever kick myself in the butt enough to go back to learning RPGMaker(or Twine, or GameMaker Studio, or… I should really just stick with something), I’d want to make something like this. Until then, I hope it’s ok to make suggestions for future additions, whether that’s coming or not.

  1. Giving your starting lair a new function after building a fort/castle/mansion. Maybe it can add/become a gold mine for more personal wealth income, or become a shrine or ritual chamber for some magic effects.

  2. Destroying/replacing buildings, maybe with a half-refund. With a limited number of lots and a limited selection of what to put in them, it can be hard to choose and frustrating when you need something but don’t have anywhere to put it.

  3. More info on stat changes. Sometimes it’s really unclear why Happiness or Control suddenly starts going down. It’d be nice to have it clearly display stuff like how much a stat will raise or lower on the next month, and maybe where the bonuses/penalties are coming from.

  4. More effects from Village Weight. I only got it up to 300 or so before the penalties made things kind of annoying to play, and I didn’t really see any visual changes to anything, so I’d love to actually see villagers be fatter when they show up in court or on the map. Maybe have some village weight-unlocked court events, or some ways to mitigate the effects of weight on productivity. Maybe even a ‘blob village’ ending!

  5. Blob+ mode. Who says you can’t run the town if you’re too fat to move? That’s what the minions are for! Being able to keep going even beyond the weight cap would be cool, maybe with controlling a dragonling surrogate. Could be an option for getting a ‘good’ ending, too.

Anyways, thanks for making this game, it’s been really fun and inspiring to play.


Could please send me the new game + codes? the cheat sheet didn’t have them, just an upgrade list.

I wouldn’t recommend much TBH, I got more out of just using the save editor, I have the most relevant variables for that in a txt document if you want it with what works and what don’t

Link for editor I use https://www.saveeditonline.com/

Dude I just need the number code, for higher resources, high gold, mines, and fortress.

I think they’re all different numbers dude I was told that a while ago if I recall right

Dude I just need the number code, for higher resources, high gold, mines, and fortress.
There is a code that can help you, and it is to set the last number to 1

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@Argos1_X yeah, all zeroes and a 1 at the end is the debug code. It just gives you a massive resource dump you’ll never burn through over a playthrough.

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Ok, does it provide infinite gold then? Cause building up a ciz takes capital.

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yeah it does provide infinite gold (well, might was well be infinite)

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

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