Draconic Expansion, a dragon girl extortion, city building simulator: The Court Update out now!

Does the dragon worship policy stack with high happiness with the villagers giving treats or is it just the same mechanic and having them both active does nothing?

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I don’t remember making it stack, I think it just happens if you either have high happiness or you have the dragon cult policy on.


Hello, not recently I played the new version of Draconi expansion and I loved the bakery theme, although I have still explored all the possibilities that this new expansion brings and I liked it. Question, in the next update have you thought about making more interactions with the governed city? or more interactions from the bakery? For example, if you let the baker be under your care and you are listening to complaints or reports, a dialogue or animation will appear with her bringing more food; or that people who have a high weight index are more likely to bring you more food when listening to requests, or express something plumper from them, it would be interesting; Also, one last question, on the subject of images of the dragons’ faces, are there only two? It’s just that I always look at the same ones most of the time and sometimes I feel like the dialogues are combined, excellent game, keep it up, it’s very good and I’ll look forward to the new update; sorry for the long text

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Glad you like it :slight_smile:

For the first question, I do intend for more events and interactions with the town itself.

I don’t quite understand the second question, sorry, could you please rephrase it?

And for the last question, yes there are only two sets of faces per dragon. There’s the thin one, and then there’s the fat one. I suppose there is the third set too, if the dragon becomes a blob.

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Gotten the blob ending twice big fan of it and it makes me excited to see how Heroes on a Budget ends up being. Though never gotten to the 100 month ending and maybe like there can be an option to sleep longer if you have high defense though at the cost of Control being lost cause their rulers are sleeping for like a year or so. Also was the baker the servant you mentioned or is it someone else you haven’t implemented yet? Or did I just not get her in Court?

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I believe if you add the baker to the court, she makes you gain more weight when eating meals in your room, hold court, and the other dragons gain weight if you don’t have them do anything that day. She was supposed to be in the dining halls, but I ran out of time for the game jam before I added her there as just an npc you could talk to.


Ah so she feeds them if you haven’t given the other dragons orders interesting. So I assuming she is not the servant girl you talked about before though perhaps having her gain weight too wouldn’t be out of the question. Perhaps because she samples/taste tests her own cooking. You know what they say, never trust a skinny baker.

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Are all the codes different? Like this is legitimately something I’m curious about, I like breaking the games I play sometimes just to see what I could do and the thought crossed my mind and I kind of want all the codes just to see what I can do

Unless there are duplicate codes then yes, they are all different. You need to complete the game in different ways in order to get them all though.

Darn, Im surprised by that but oh well, I rather suck at the game TBH, notoriety always gets me, any advice for that?

Notoriety will always get you eventually unless all the dragons become blobs before that. I’ve only played as Serrin (money dragon) so my advice may not be the best. My experience however has led me to save money for defense and big buildings.

Each big building and the wall should have a code. After getting some defense codes, go back and focus on happiness/control balance. Always check the throne for gifts/tribute, even if the town is poor. The money can be used for more buildings. Get the inn if possible but don’t focus your money on it. The inn can get you more money and free feasts, but only if you have high opulence.

Last thing I can think of is to fatten Malin (war dragon) before she attacks you for low favorability, but don’t spend too much money on that.

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pretty much this strategy, another thing would be to avoid getting the dragons too fat, too fast (since this lowers your base defense the fatter they are). Have them exercise to slow down the weight gain from feasts used to placate them.

Notoriety won’t always get you though, the “good” ending is if you get past month 99. You will always be invaded a minimum of 4 times though, so you will always need some defensive structures no matter how well you do.


Been thinking of picking up development of this one a bit. Still gotta implement the magic system, more court events, more weight gain scenes, and I want to make the dragons a bit more distinct from each other going forward.

As an example, I’m putting some conditions on the exercise option for the other dragons in your court for Reila and Serrin specifically. Serrin now won’t exercise willingly if you are a higher weight stage than her, but you can sacrifice some of her opinion of you to force her to do so if really need to. Malin will always exercise regardless of anything unless she’s weight level 5 (like how it has been since launch), and Reila won’t exercise unless you exercised as well that month.


Well, that sounds great. I will be looking forward to your update and as soon as it comes out, it will be worth translating your game back into Spanish. By the way, what programming language do you use to make your games? I have to make a project and I want to use RPG Maker as engine to start my University project


I don’t have a problem if someone wants to translate my game into spanish, but I only speak English I’m afraid. As for programming language, I don’t really. I just use what RPG Maker MV is capable of out of the box in it’s editor. I haven’t even done much with plugins either.

sorry I couldn’t be more helpful


oh it doesn’t matter the truth well anyway thank you and good luck in your projects


Or how cool I will be waiting with bated breath for the new update, that idea that you want to implement sounds very interesting because it makes the three dragons have much more personality, and from my point of view it may increase the difficulty a little in seeing which dragon is in power If you want your weights controlled, I will also be excited to see the new weight gain sequences and the new systems and events, I hope you work comfortably and take your time.


a and sorry but I’m curious, are you still working on the heroes on a budget game? I played it a long time ago and I really liked it, how is it related to this game if I’m dying of curiosity what happened to the gluttonous dragons XD.
Sorry if the question makes you uncomfortable.


I am still working on it. I got burned out for a bit and I wasn’t feeling particularly creative during that time so I kinda took a break.

I’m also considering adding an actual good ending to this game under specific circumstances. It can’t be canon to Heroes on a Budget, but in case that game never pans out or some people who play this one aren’t interested in that one, having a good ending for theses characters seems like a good idea.


oooo SERIOUSLY?! That’s cool, so with more excitement I will wait for the next updates, and I hope that you can pick up the other one when you feel comfortable, anyway I will look forward to the next updates of both games -w-