Dragon's Tribute / Twine Text Game Idea - Weight gain & Vore

General Information

Hiya, wanted to toss my hat into the ring for a possible Twine text game I’ll be making. I’m still deciding and workshopping some ideas and preferences for the game. For now the main fetishes would be Weight gain, Stuffing, and vore. As I work I may add or remove certain features and encounters

For the more important part, the setting. The game will take place in some generic kingdom, somewhat medievil/modern, main element is that there is a dragon that looms over and threatens to destroy everything. Fortunately the dragon is willing to be peaceful on the condition its provided a sacrifice (you). So throughout the game you would be eating to make yourself bigger in hopes that you’ll satisfy the dragon’s appetite.

Depending on your weight you’ll get descriptions when self inspecting your body. You’ll also get very different endings as the dragon could either be incredibly angry or overjoyed with your sacrifice/body. Even though the end goal is to be eaten by the dragon I’d likely add other encounters where various NPC’s or wildlife eat you up

With my slow-poke nature it may takes ages until I post any playable version of my game. For now feel free to ask questions or give suggestions about the game and I’ll try to respond to them.

Planned features

8-10 weight stages w/ individual descriptions
4 - 5 endings


  • Market Place
  • Tavern/Inn
  • “Wilderness” - this will be the locations where you encounter hostile enemies or unique encounters
  • Dragon’s Cave

I have many different ideas I want to incorperate but the ones above are the general ones I want to implement in the first or early versions of the game

Other features planned

  • Possible character customization
  • “Auction House” essentially a willing game over where you sell your body as a meal, more focused on Vore
  • A ‘Secret’ ending that involves a mini questline of sort

I liked your idea, reading the concept it occurred to me that while the character gets fatter for the dragon, his appetite becomes more and more insacgent and that he begins to eat people and when he finds the dragon, he will be larger than life and possibly end up eating his tormentor. c:

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Very much interested in this project! I think to potentially give you more direction for ideas for the game, it’d be interesting to think about the dragon’s place in this society. Do characters worship this dragon, who fears the dragon, is there a group of people trying to fight the dragon and how successful is each faction? What are the dragon’s effects on the environment, how far-reaching is the dragon’s grasp? I think thinking about these questions could help with setting the tone of the world and making the world feel thematically more cohesive.

So there isn’t any real group fighting the dragon as its simply too powerful. In a backstory section I may include something about an army trying to fight the dragon. At the time of the game though there is none as the kingdom has settled on giving sacrifices rather than fighting. Plus why spend several soldiers with weapons when you could just give up one fattened person to calm it down. I don’t want to say too much without spoiling anything because its a path/ending I’m really fond of and don’t want to reveal anything too early. but there is an ending where you “defeat” the dragon

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