Draxi Dominion

My submission for this year! Or at least, that was the intent. I didn’t find out about this years contest ‘till four days in and I dunno if I’m gonna make that deadline. But I’m workin’ on it.

Draxi Dominion tasks you with feeding and training your own fluffy army, to restore them to their former glory and make sure they’re number one!

Feed, grow, and conquer.

Yea, the deadline approaches quickly, and I need sleep. I’m not gonna try and cobble together some sloppy stuff to make this feel more cohesive, i’d rather just upload this as a sort of proof of concept then make a bunch of changes i’d need to undo or rework.

I plan on fleshing this out and making something proper in the coming weeks. There’s alot I wanted to do, but it just wasn’t feasible. RPGMaker was NOT meant for this kinda stuff. I have plans for this though, fret not!

And thank you all for the support. I’ll take a brief break, then get this game in the state it deserves!


Looks promising, hope you make it to the deadline!

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Loved your last jam entry, so im really excited to see this one, specially since the concept itself already is one that i always want to see more of. Dont burn yourself but hope to see even an unfinished version of it come to life.


you could still make the game ?

yeah, honestly even if you don’t make the jam the concept is interesting enough that i do hope you continue to work on it


this is cool but super buggy

WoHA. Greggin’ hard right nOW.


it reminds me of monster rancher. consider myself a fan.


Fun concept, I see what you were going for with the idea. Excited to see the fleshed out version in the future!


i can’t get them fat ?

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Only the green one. There’s not much functionality.


even though this is unfinished, it seems really cool and we hope you do continue to work on it <3


there’s so much potential here, and i’m really excited for more! making a quick fix for the jam is probably out of the question right now, but there’s a bug i found pretty fast

if you overfeed enough draxis and they all pop, eventually when you go to occupy a room with a new one, the game freezes when you press the button to do so


For you have made this is Very good the art is very good and the idea is there I do hope you can make the full game I would love to play it.

im happy to see you post stuff again!! i adored gorging down wall street. by the way do you post anywhere else? your art is very charming

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This game looks great!

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Really glad you enjoyed it, and yea! My Furaffinity is puffylove and my twitter is puffylove6


will you still continue working on this even after the jam? looks promising :o

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I plan to, yes, hopefully sometime soon-ish