Dream of Malpheus Version 1.0.0 - Twine Interactive Story

A male weight gain interactive story. First game and first weight gain story. I plan on adding to this with more endings and different paths and characters. The game is on itch.io and you can play it on browser.

Dream of Malpheus


interesting, to say the least!

love this game would love if the gengar gets bigger too but if not thats ok

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Excited to see where the game goes, considering how rare this kind of thing is on the site. I think that if more content is added, the game could help fill the male wg niche pretty nicely.

Great to see a male focused project.
The story was really descriptive, and the textt effects(which is something you get to see rarely in other twine projects) are a nice touch that adds spice to the story. The image reference was a nice touch as well. Excited to see how the adventure continues.

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Loved it, as the comment above says, I’m so glad to see some make focused weight gain on the site.
Can’t wait to see what new endings characters and activities they’ll be to do. Maybe more from Mal or even see who this dor’ran character is. Can’t wait to see what updates will come in the future. :grin:

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love where this is going so far! would be great to see how the stats play in other routes

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