Dream WG Visual Novel Plot?

Ok so say that you have infinite time, resources, and talent involved, what would you put in a visual novel where you and/or people around you gain weight? I just made an account here to answer this question, I’m not planning on actually making anything.
You can describe ideas about:

  1. Setting
  2. Plot (can be as vague or detailed as you want)
  3. What role does the lead character play/ can you play through as multiple people?
  4. Characters/ Romance options (Number of them, names, body types, personalities, etc)
  5. Are there mini-games?

Those are just general examples btw, you can talk about anything honestly and go in as much detail as you feel like this deserves the time for.

Here’s an example I made:
You play as a hero in a fantasy D&D rpg whatever that ends up in an inn that overly pampers you and the other costumers. As it goes on you meet other adventurers who end up in the Inn, get fat and see how the others do too, realize the innkeepers won’t let you leave, and eventually figure out this was an unorthodox trap set out by the Evil Empress/ Wizard/ Whatever. Maybe you can even play AS the Evil Empress/ Wizard/ Whatever in the second half of the game?

And that’s all the explaining I need for now I think. Now start a discussion down there!


…oh god i just realised at 4 that it was about visual novels XD

  1. A proper cooking game, maybe with additional hunts in a play style similar to monster hunter/bloodborne/dauntless. Have unlocks with easy to obtain upgrades for the various unlocked equipment. Having incentives for playing with the various tools while hunting and cooking would be great. If the world could also feel alive, with the characters all having interactions that fluctuates with your and maybe their stories (think hades) as they come and go in between what you do.

setting itself could be anything. it would most likely depend on other factors.

  1. would depend on the setting as this is a very loose idea… i know what i want to play, but i am no professional writer.

  2. More than likely, you would only play a single character. Customization might mostly be tied to the type of game it ends up becoming. If the game as access to multiplayer, than surely the main character would need visual customization on top.

  3. The setting would definitely impact the whole thing, but for sure: you need a wide array of characters for whom you hunt, cook or simply do quest for. I fancy that body shape would need to also vary widely, with some already on the heavier and skinnier sides. Maybe not all character can get big, but most of the main ones should. I do not have proper idea of how to make proper romance, so this could go anywhere.

5… well at that point i did a bad and turned the whole thing on its head…

hope this was fun to read regardless XD


It WAS still a fun read

Id probably focus mostly on body types, as I know I have specific ones I like/dont prefer, but id try and make sure there were a diverse enough amount of body types, or even customizable body types (controlling which part of the body fat moves to, such as breasts or belly), since I’ve always liked games you could do that in. If I didn’t have such a hectic job Id probably try and make a game myself.


Monster Hunter types games interest me in general, I like the sound of that!


  1. I would say perhaps an alternate steampunk era where magic was still used more now than ever but with the mix of science and technology that came with it to give out a unique vibe with a fair amount of the Occult and outer gods of the sort

  2. You play as either a Guy or a Lady whom of a working class family a bit down lately due to a recent incident and just make enough to live at least safely enough for the a time, one day an incident on your worksite almost gets your character killed but you are miraculsly saved by one of these outer entities but in return for saving your life you have to serve it offering the player boons and rewards in return.

  3. you’ll only be able to play the guy and lady characters but they will be able to access different areas early on due to the restrictions society has put on them as they go throughout the city they live in and infulence people to eat more or by mystical means given to you by your outsider entity you serve

  4. I would make it about 2-3 romance options depending on the character with even your romance option being the feeder in the relationship,
    For the Lady certinaly two male options one who starts off a tough persona but with a heart of gold kind of person as you get to know him which would likely make your character want to fatten him up while the other would fatten your character up as he would be calm charming and a bit obsessive due to a previous relationship gone wrong that he doesn’t want another lady walking out on him and i might add a mutual wg relationship with him aswell.
    As for the Guy he would certainly get 3 choices of females to choose from one being him fattening this lass up as she is clearly wealthy as all heck that she hasn’t clearly done a day worth of labor in her life but quite shy and Kind so it would take a while to get to know her, the second one who would fatten your male character up is apart of the entities cult itself stern yet empathetic towards you at first but once she realizes that her ‘Deity’ has marked you will take more of an interest to you as she tries to make your body large enough to make the entity you serve happy with your growing size, The last one would be a Mutual gain character as she would be a childhood friend who has a hidden secret of her own but hides it under her serious and cold but Caring personalty but as time goes on and you get more passive aggressive with her you find out her secret and go from their to help each other out

  5. perhaps when you want to learn new spells to help your goals

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Here’s my idea for a dream WG visual novel

  1. The setting can be anything, as long as it stays outside other companies’ properties.
  2. The plot can either involve the player first moving into a town full of fat people or waking up on an island full of fat people with no memory of the player’s past.
  3. The character’s role, depending on the plot, can be to adapt to the town or island’s population and the residents’ obesity, all the while getting to know the residents.
  4. The characters (the player being either male or female) can be 50% female and 50% male, or an imbalance of having more males or more females, and (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) the player’s relationships, romantic or otherwise, with the residents can have a profound effect.
  5. Compared to certain Visual Novels like the cancelled Hachi Koi for DS, there won’t be minigames.