Dreams and Fantasies!

I’m on vacation! Today we went to a restaurant and I drank two drinks called “Thai Iced Tea” as big as my head. It got me really hyper since it was so sweet and creamy–I started giggling and I couldn’t stay quiet so I stumbled to the door so I wouldn’t disturb the other people~

Anyway, I crashed and had a dream! I was at a big pool or something and there was one of those big blobs where you jump off something tall and land on that–fwoomp!–and then it pushes back and flings you in the water. But the blob was a person! They were so soft and warm and I remember getting out of the pool and just hugging them before getting chased off by the ride attendant. Then I forget what happened next, but eventually I dreamt that I was the blob because people could volunteer to get inflated for the ride!

So when I woke up I started to wonder what other dreams we’ve had or fantasies we like to think about as we fall asleep. I’d like to know yours~


That’s a great one to recall. I almost never remember my dreams, let alone anything fantastical. I envy anyone with this kink who could pull off some lucid dreaming.

I’d be interested to see some more ideas for inspiration though – I’m planning some “dream sequence” type scenes in my text game.

I wish I could lucid dream too! Remembering dreams is easier though, especially since I try to write them down once I wake up. I send myself emails; I do that a lot since it’s like keeping a diary I’ll always have with me!

Same with geek, I can’t remember the last time I remembered a dream. I think it’s crazy that some people (or so they say) can ‘control’ their dreams, which is maybe the best useless skill ever.

I remember a lot of my dreams, even lucid dreams. But all my lucid dreams are lucid nightmares. I had a dream called “Red Lullaby”, and it was pure horror.