Dress a Blueberry (Blueberry Jam submission)

As of posting this I am currently hosting a game jam around the theme of Blueberry inflation and I wanted to try something not often seen within the expansion games community.

Play it here: Dress A Blueberry by Axxisproductions (itch.io)

This is Dress A Blueberry, a game I am going to be continuing to work on throughout the duration of the Blueberry game jam and I wanted to also use to promote a game engine that is amazing for Dress-up game creation called MousePSD by lampy over on Itch.

Try out MousePSD here: MousePSD by lampy (itch.io)

It’s an engine that enables you to turn photoshop layering into a dress up game with ease and I have been having a little fun with experimenting with outside of the project.
Either way I hope you guys enjoy this new project of mine and join the jam if you like :slight_smile: