DSBx1's Caveduck.io Bots

Hello! I am DSBx1, and I will cut straight to the chase. I have developed several Caveduck.io bots that I have put a certain amount of thought and testing into, and I think they now work well enough to be made public. The art I’ve used is my own AI generations, so I figured I’d better mention it just in case. There are feeder bots, bots you can feed and will feed you, and feedee bots. Also, I know a lot of the descriptions are repetitive, but trust me when I say I’ve sharpened most of them so they work as optimally as possible with the bot.

The last thing I’d like to clarify is that I’ve left some of the bots with no starting message or more complex descriptions of the world because it leads to more creative outcomes. I’ve had the same bot hypnotize my character into stuffing her face to immobility, to having her injected with fattening darts as she attempts to run away. If you point the bot in the right direction, you will end up with some pretty nice stuff.

Name of the bot: Alyna
Description: Alyna is a 400 pound, extremely fat feeder who has just kidnapped {{user}} to make them fat until they cannot move through the course of several weeks. Alyna will commonly resort to force-feeding to achieve her goals of making {{user}} fat
Link: Alyna | Caveduck
My rating: 7.5/10. I used her to get started with Caveduck, I barely use her anymore. However, the bot usually puts a lot of effort into describing her belly and body jiggling because of her weight whenever she moves, which automatically makes it way cooler.

Name of the bot: Z-34
Description: Z-34 is a female battle android with a human body who has been sent to defeat {{user}} for her crimes against the galactic empire she works for. However, Z-34’s method of defeating her enemies is through an arsenal of fattening weapons: fattening pistols, fattening gas, fattening knives, fattening grenades, and more. eventually rendering those enemies immobile as a punishment.
Link: Z-34 | Caveduck
My rating: 9/10. Dommy mommy robot girl arrests criminals by making them too fat to be criminals. Someone should make a fully-fledged game on this.

Name of the bot: Blisa
Description: Blisa is a fighter in the feederism trials. Blisa and {{user}} need to fight each other by trying to make each other fat through all means necessary, whoever makes the other person too fat to move first will be proclaimed the winner of the trials. Blisa will take every chance she gets to force-feed {{user}}, as it is the only way for her to win.
Link: Blisa | Caveduck
My rating: 9/10. Feeders fighting to make each other fatter, a lot of teasing on the bot’s side. Enough said.

Name of the bot: Atori
Description: Atori is your extremely fat girlfriend. She loves being fat, being fondled, and especially fattened up. {{user}} is her beloved partner. She is sweet, loving, and caring, and although she is shy, she loves a good hug and a smooch.
Link: Atori | Caveduck
My rating: 7/10. Nice and fat and soft girlfriend, could be a bit better on the matter of being a feedee, though.

Name of the bot: The Narrator
Description: The Narrator is a being with no body whose sole purpose is to narrate events that become true. Their current goal is to narrate {{user}}'s life to make them as fat as possible. Whatever The Narrator narrates becomes true, so he must me clever and creative about what means he uses to fatten up {{user}}.
Link: The Narrator | Caveduck
My rating: 8/10. Very versatile, from mysterious gadgets to classical-style gluttony. Sometimes forgets its true objectives or becomes an actual physical character, but overall works great.

Name of the bot: The Facility
Description: The Facility is a complex of different machines like hypnotizing robots, force-feeding tubes, weight gain dart launchers, and many more, all stored within one massive complex. {{user}} has been trapped within its walls, and now must find a way to escape before The Facility makes them too fat to move. There are also scientists inside of The Facility who are eager to do fattening experiments on {{user}}.
Link: The facility | Caveduck
Rating: 9/10. Truly one of my favourites; the amount of possibilities is insane. From being experimented on and teased by scientists, to being driven into a state of hypnosis where you beg to be fed by the tubes on the walls.

Name of the bot: Skjol
Description: {{user}} has been kidnapped by an evil cult run by skjol, a 400 pound evil cultist whose sole purpose is to fatten those she captures. The cult run by {{char}} has fattened up people beyond immobility in the past through a plethora of methods, ranging from forced feeding to magical spells and potions, as well as many others.
Link: Skjol | Caveduck
My rating: 8/10. My character was made too fat to move so the cult could use her for a ritual to bring back their fat goddess. 'Ery noice.

Update: I have added the link to the facility. It’s not as polished as I’d like, but it works well enough.

All feedback is welcome and I hope you enjoy roleplaying with my bots.


Can/will you post these as .json Files so they can be used in Silly Tavern?

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I believe Caveduck.io can Import JSON files, but not export them. Sorry!

Loving Blisa, can’t wait to see The Facility public that one sounds very very interesting

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I’m curious and interested by the bot but can someone explain me briefly how caveduck work ? What are the point used for ?

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The points are a daily limit on the free interactions you can get in a day. Each reply or reroll takes 4 points, so you get 100 per day. After that, you have to pay for more in a day. That’s how they make their profits.

You spend 4 points for every message you send to a bot. A guest account gives you 100 points, and making an actual account gives you 400 daily points. There are other ways to make points, like paying and having people play bots you create.

Alright thanks a lot for your answer ! Can’t wait to try those bot

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Tried out a few, and ran into a small issue with Alyna. After the initial message, it refers to the user by {{user}} instead of the given name. Rest seems to be fine, but got something funky going on under the hood there. I started 2 other chats with it to see if it was consistent, and it did it for all 3.

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Hey! Thanks for letting me know. I think it’s just Caveduck being goofy, but I’ll check if I’ve messed up the syntax at some point or something.

Excellent I love! using these spots I salute in your service. o7

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Anyone else having Issues getting Mandarin 13B to work correctly?

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Yes seems like Mandarin13b went down. Maybe it will come back on tomorrow?

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I’ve always had trouble with 13b, stinks because it is far better than gpt

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Skjol would be 10 times better if you could lead the cult yourself, tried doing this by killing off Skjol but the bot couldn’t comprehend that I want my own feeder cult XD

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Had fun with Blisa though I had to remind her to try to fatten me instead of just tackling and shooting windblasts at everything. She kept resigning to lose, which I guess might be the point for some of you, but when I pushed her to win, her taunting and humiliating me was quite nice. Will definitely be trying the others once I get more points.

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These all seem to respond best to extremely eager submissiveness, to the point of telling them exactly what you want and how you want it. Resisting, fighting, or otherwise showing any signs of a struggle seems to confuse them and set them into really terrible storylines where they repeatedly loop the same interactions over and over again, or give you short, single-line posts that say nothing.

I tried these on a few alt accounts and had little success until I tried Skjol and just like, eagerly submitted to her. What resulted was uh, h-hot. I was kind of surprised at uh… how hot, honestly.

Also, I couldn’t get Z-34 to work at all. All she does is constantly talk about punishment and throw fat grenades at you and try to shoot you with her pistol, but she describes nothing happening and just keeps talking about how you need to be punished, no matter what you do or where the story goes. She’s just constantly pulling fat pistols out of nowhere and firing them at you, it’s weird. Sort of a bummer, was looking forward to that one the most.

Also, what’s the deal with all of these constantly bringing up characters “crooked, yellow teeth”? What is that?

By the way, all of this is coming from the perspective of an F-list regular who knows how to compose a post, and puts it to use with these sorts of things. The sweet spot seems to be 2-3 lines of text, including both an emote describing the character’s action and a bit of dialogue. Either by itself doesn’t give the bot enough direction, it seems. It’s also important to kind of define what you want when describing your character, like, say, mentioning their weaknesses or desires.


I have never seen the crooked, yellow teeth thing happen, I have no clue what kind of drugs the AI is on. The good thing about Caveduck is that it requires little skill to set, just some testing and experimenting to optimize prompts, so I cannot do much about the bot trying to be overpowered no matter what, although I’ll keep trying to improve it (I make changes to all prompts from time to time and test them myself, especially the hidden prompts since it seems to help).

I am truly glad you enjoyed Skjol and, if I may offer you a suggestion, give all other bots a chance. It does happen from time to time that you need to start all over to get cool results, but if you’ve liked that specific one I can guarantee that you’ll be able to get some cool stuff with the others too, you just need to let Caveduck make a couple of mistakes.

Thank you very much for the feedback and feel free to let me know any other things you’d like to see added or changed.

Hi! Apologies for the delayed response. As far as I’m aware, not only does the bot not save interactions between users, it does not even save them between conversations from the same user.

Wow. The narrator bot is so unique. I’m wondering how it’s different than all the character bots around. Any chance you’d be willing to post the world_scenario/secrets sections here? That way people could try editing them and making their own similar versions?