Duke's Donuts

You are a private investigator searching for clues to find a missing person. So far they have led you to the abandoned Duke’s Donuts location she was last seen.

This was an entry for the weightgaming.com gain jam 2023. I wanted to explore mascot horror within the community and it’s been fun having a go creating one.

This was also made with help from Debu-Neko-Kun
follow them here: Debu-Neko-Kun - Student, Writer | DeviantArt

get it here: Duke’s Donuts by Axxisproductions (itch.io)


Seems the current build is impossible to finish, there are 2 options when selected that bring you to the first line of text of the game and it loops again. When you click the note inside the office and after you wait the first time and have the option to book it to the car.


This is every reason I love feedback, I have updated the game now.
Turns out I forgot to link the branch to the flag choice, massive oversite since I was very tired when working on this part of the game.
Both choices are now fixed and I hope you enjoy the rest of the game.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Also would like to confirm that chapter 2 is already in the works and will be a lot longer and have more time put into it. There’ll also be more findable secrets and lore to find as well as new game over screens and endings to find. The thread will be linked here before the page locks and I look forward to seeing what you folks think when it’s out.


Too much of a pussy to play it since I’m jumpy as shit with jumpscares but from what I’ve seen, this is a cool idea! Here’s hoping someone makes a playthrough XD

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I’m not expecting a matpat game theory but let’s just say there’s a lot of story telling done through the lore. I wanted all findable extras to make sense for the location and the reason for closure being something real world related rather than ‘everything was fine until it wasn’t’ kind of story telling.
Bizarrely there’s cut content for the game that I plan to reveal in the future which either did serve purpose or killed mystery in the game.
I really look forward to working on the follow ups and I hope someone does make a playthough of the game eventually :slight_smile:

Finished your version after you updated it, the chapter 1 is a bit short but it shows a good start. I feel like as a stand alone project is good and hope you keep working on it but as a jam game, this first chapter doesnt yet show any indication of the theme, of course you dont have to follow it but maybe consider having options that would affect your character permanently and could affect future choices. Best of luck

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I did have a different game in the works but I couldn’t get it to work properly so I had to improvise with 6 days left and Duke’s Donuts came to life.
My Co-Writer and I are currently bouncing ideas back and forth for future chapters of the game.
The jam build will remain up as a browser only Demo and future updates will be downloadable via the same page.

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Hey, the game doesn’t seem to be available currently. Last minute tweaks?

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Yeah I’m making chapter 1 the official entry but future chapters will be downloadable through game updates, chapter 1 is my official entry into the jam. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Chapter 1 will be browser but the rest will be in future game updates, I’ll link a non-jam thread later on.

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Final Update: Jam build is now available on browser and other chapters will be added for the download version later down the line, A new thread will be linked later today :slight_smile:

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I was honestly pretty surprised by this as there was an element of tension that held my attention throughout. Sure the premise and the weight gain elements were silly nonsense but there were some engaging moments of suspense in the story. Not a bad effort at all!