dumb idea for a harem base VN game

yea you play dragon who kidnaped fat woman from chubby to obese, only to build a harem of them. Think slim women are unfit for his stander of beauty. So far there are only 5 I can think of female he has taken, a princess who is a stress eater, an elf who is a foodie, a fairy that is cursed, a mermaid that love to eat, and for a twist, a female otaku from another world. Yea I know sound bad… how that will work and my skill is not so good. what you think?


Pretty basic idea but not one I think has been done yet. Really all that’s important for something like that is art and writing, especially for the special scenes with the girls.

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yea i may well turn into text adventure

Sounds a bit like Gragyriss, but with fat bitches.

I’m in.

well good luck with person like me with lack of money

Well, depending on what engine you use, this may not be difficult to make if it’s in a VN format, especially if it’s something like the game I just linked. Numbers go up, the player clicks some things, some variables change, some sprites change, and there’s a VN portion you can interact with while the incremental component marches on in the background…something like that should be fairly simple as games go.

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for characters? I was plan use the custom maid program but don’t know they do mermaid.

You could try your hand at pixel art. One thing that may make it easier is taking a program like DesignDoll, screenshotting a model, and making a sprite based around it.