Dungeon Attacker by Sheepboy

I happened to find another new Japanese WGRPG whilst scrolling Twitter:

The creator (Sheepboy) also posts on Pixiv

I should note the game is made in WOLF RPG, which makes it a bit more awkward to manipulate than RPGMaker, so translation efforts would be more difficult.


I don’t even know how you can tell this is a weight-gain rpg, what tipped you off about it?

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I am Japanese.
I played this game, but I can’t really recommend it at the moment because it is not a very good game and there were not many fattening elements.


it gain too slow, need to eat the cake at afternoon to gain 1kg

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i can try translating it with google translate , but i cant get the wolf RPG editor to work.

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Version 0.2 is out and I spent a couple of hours screwing around with this and ultimately got it to work in a fairly functional state, I’ll upload what I’m considering a partially finished translation because I haven’t really checked out any of the dungeon files yet, but it’ll be enough if you just want to save edit in some gold and enjoy a gradual gain.

I actually despise computers with all of my being so I can only really explain this in layman’s terms, but basically what was happening was Wolf RPG Maker didn’t like how Translator++ was formatting text when the English translation was longer than the Japanese, which happened a lot. If I understand how shit works correctly it was basically just throwing parts of the dialogue in there as standalone things in the middle what was supposed to be a continuous process and leading to things like lots of repeating lines and most of the game just generally not working. That being said, I think it’s neat, I’ll possibly upload a more complete translation as I mess around with it more. If not, it really is just a matter of going into Wolf RPG Editor and finding the bits of dialogue that have one line in front of them instead of like 2 or 3, then just copy, backspace, and paste. Fairly simple solution, just a bit tedious and I’m too worn out to finish it tonight. I also ran the editor in Japanese locale using an emulator if anyone is trying to mess around with that. It’ll at least give you more than gibberish that way.
Anyway I have no idea if this sounds comprehensive or not but it’s whatever, here’s the link that I hope also works:


Anybody else getting an error on startup? It can’t find a BGM file and it looks exactly like an error that would happen if you extracted the game without the proper language settings. The game is looking for the file with Japanese characters in the filename but the filename in the folder is ascii nonsense.

I have the Japanese language pack on windows and I extracted the game with bandizip using the Japanese codebase, so this shouldn’t be happening.

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I got this too, iirc I worked around it once by just copying the file names out of Translator++ and renaming them in the game’s Data folder but started the translation over again and didn’t bother to do it the 2nd time. As far as I can tell the game will still play normally without it if you just ignore the error, albeit without music there. I generally keep my audio muted anyway so it wasn’t that big of a priority for me.

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Ahh I see. Looks like .21 dropped as well :eyes:


Neat, looks like some bug fixes. I’m a bit tangled up in work at the moment but I might get a chance to do a more complete translation with this version by around Wednesday or so, can’t really promise anything though.