Dynamic Weight Stages.

is it possible to set up a dynamic weight system in RPGMaker MV? I would like the MC’s sprite to change based of a stat that can go up and down based of player actions/events/items. I’ve seen this done in a few games on this site, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how.


I don’t know anything about game programming, but it might be an external plugin doing that

Essentially, have an event - preferably a Common Event that can be run from anywhere - that tracks changes to that stat and runs the Change Actor Images command accordingly.

The details of implementing that are up to you - have any event, item, or whatever else that might change that variable also call the update event afterwards, or have the common event run in parallel tracking changes to it, etc.


Well, of course it is possible. You just simply need to create a parallel common event which change MC sprites according to changes to “stat” which you mentioned. That is how I created dynamic weight gain system in my game: Praedeon v0.1.1.9.

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Is possible but it depends how you want to create it. To give an example and an idea of how, you can create a variable that is stored in the game and that can be anything you want or based around an stat of the character (in terms of code, for example, something like “variable x = HP of the character”). You can create a common event and depending on what you want you can increase or reduce this variable and according to that the character can change. You can either make it as a parallel event (an event that runs all the time but can affect performance if not careful) or make a common event and only call it when you needed (but you have to do it manually , obviously).

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It’s funny, I’m actually working on the same thing for my game and running into some issues. I’ve managed to get it working via a parallel common event triggered by different benchmarks from a variable, but it seems like it’s re-running the event over and over at those benchmarks and my performance tanks.

Anyone know what I might be able to do for that? I’m kind of stumped.

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Some of the ways you can do this comes down to making the parallel event run less.

  • You could put a “wait” command at the end of your parallel event (doesn’t need to by high, something like 15 frames would be enough to reduce the event from running 60 times in a second down to 4)
  • If you’re tying it to a variable or switch, rather than making it a parallel event, you could simply call the common event to run once when the player does something that would change the value
  • Making use of conditional branches in the common event can help to reduce the amount of switches/flags that need to be checked by the event
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This was a huge help, thank you!