Dysfatia (BETA!)

Dysfata WIP

It is an RPG video game that will be about a man with body dysmorphia who fights against the symptoms of this disease along with others. Slowly the truth will be revealed to us (spoilers, I can’t say it’s the truth) It will contain adult content as strong themes. It aims to be a game that is not long but deep with many things to read and analyze. (Obviously, obesity is all over the place! LOL)

PD:I will also try to add an alternate history where the protagonist will be a woman

BETA:103.97 MB file on MEGA


What is up with people making threads before actually starting development on their games? I mean, all these ideas sound decent on paper but we don’t even know if you’ll ever apply them…


I do wish you luck with this game, but I agree with Morte_Nera. Until you have something to show, it should go in Project Ideas and Discussion, rather than Projects.


Fun fact: It’s in development, I just won’t release something half incomplete when it won’t be extensive either, please take into account the tags and read well what I’ve written, thanks!


Sure, but generally the site guidelines are that you shouldn’t make a thread in Projects until you have a playable build. Until then, all discussion should go in Project Ideas and Discussion, like SilviaNexus said. People generally look in the Projects category for playable builds/games, not an overview of a game that might be created. And to be clear, that’s not a slight against you specifically, but a lot of the ideas people have for games end up never getting developed.

We have no requirement or site guideline that states this. This post is within our community guidelines and there is no issue with someone posting a project within the project category vs the project idea category, especially something the dev states is in development. No first build or playable demo is required to make a post.

That being said if anyone feels a topic is misplaced, violates the sites guidelines/rules, or have general issues with a post, flagging a topic for staff attention is the better way to go about it rather than trying to reason with the OP directly over their post.


Hey, i kinda cant download it because it wants me to have a premium account for media fire T_T Is there something i can do to like manually download things one by one and make them work…?


I highly recommend making this a ZIP and uploading it like that.
As ren mentioned, we cannot download bulk amount of folders without mediafire premium. This is a folder directory.


I love the concept and I love the intensely psychology-focused rewording of the menu. A few comments though:

  1. It’s not terrible for an english second language speaker, but when possible try to get help with the translation. There’s a good number of typos.

  2. I’m not sure how far you’re supposed to be able to get. Life went down from 1000 to 500 when I leveled up, which made surviving and winning any fight purely a matter of RNG.

Overall it’s very promising, but it looks like you may need some help with QA in the future as the game continues to grow.

I made it to the hospital room with the doctor talking to the main character, but I am lost on where to go after that

Its the beta. Its not completed, there is the end

Oh ok, wasn’t sure if that was the end or if I was missing something I was supposed to do lol