EarthBound: Fat Girls Edition

NOTE: The main protagonists (and antagonist) are at least 18 years of age.

This ROM Hack of EarthBound, inspired by a ROM Hack that makes Ness into a girl, not only does that to him and change Jeff and Poo into girls (with the three males having different names), but also makes it so they’re 18 and SSBBWs waddling around Eagleland. Pokey (a.k.a. Porky) is also 18 years old, but unlike the main four, has become fit. Every female that’s 18 and up (except for the elderly) has also packed on the pounds. This ROM Hack will use the CoilSnake application for Windows for hacking, and will alter not only Ness’s favorite foods to be junk foods, but also alter the physical attacks to be stuff like belly bucks, etc. In fact, Poo (her name until it’s replaced) will have a sumo stomp technique in order to increase her defensive stats (which is inspired by the WiiWare game Eat! Fat! FIGHT!).

I won’t work on this mod right away, but I will work on it when I have enough time. Thank you for your patience.


There is the girthbound mod currently, is this going to be similar to that?

Yea it is but main character in girthbound is a boy

is it furry or not furry

First off, no furries will be in the game. Second, all four main characters are female. And to answer @Dotexe’s question, the story will remain largely the same as the source material, save for a number of lines being altered.

are you going to make the monsters humans?