Easiest way to add hair to templates

Hey everyone, this is possibly in the wrong place. But I have got some templates for characters from some of you lovely people here, but I’m not sure how to add clothes to them.
I’ve been doing it manually but it’s really poorly done and looks awful. Is there an easier way to do it that I’m missing or do I just need to “git gud” ?

Note: This is for 2D images to be used in Rpg Maker MV.

Is this for 3D models or 2D art?

Just 2D sprites for rpg maker. Will update OP with that.

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I usually just draw em on by hand but there’s probably some library somewhere you can find containing outfits for larger sprites. For the smaller sprites, there are or course the generator parts that you can edit yourself.

Basically it’s a lot of by-hand-editing. The way I do it, anyway.

It would be helpful if you post an example template and what kind of hair/clothes you are trying to add.

If you just trying to add different hair to templates and they use the default MV head, you can pretty easily just steal the hair from the character creator and Photoshop it on the new head.

Clothing is a bit more difficult but I can see if I can help if you post an example.

Something like this. The other templates are the same size so i’m assuming the process would be similar.
I thought about just using the head from the character generator and pasting it over the top.

You can definitely just steal the character generator heads and copy paste them on top of the bodies to get the hair. It pretty quick and clean as far as things go. As for making clothes it a good bit more complicated. I tried making battle sprites a while back to ok success.

Best I can recommend is to look at similar clothing using those sprites and emulate them. I would usually look at a reference image of the outfit I was trying to make and sort of outline the outfit on a separate layer on top of the template. After that I would start filling in colors, highlights and shadows as best I could, either copying the base template, another outfit that I was trying to emulate or just whatever I thought would look good. Unfortunately, as far as I am aware you basically just have to do it all manually, there isn’t really anything you can do to automate making the outfits.

Here are a few of the outfits I made when I was trying to learn spriting.



Thanks! I’ll give it a go :smiley:

For working with sprites, I highly recommend a program called Aseprite. I did a lot of work in photoshop but Aseprite really helps make things more manageable.

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