Eat The Dungeon Best Times

My best time on Cakes From Hell (CFH) is 0"39"583. Anybody beat it?

going to do it right now
and nope

mine is 0"06"800". I guess I did something decent.

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if you are gonna post times you should also post the level of your crew (or agree on a max level). you get way better times when you’ve leveled up a bunch

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is it possible doing the last bonus level lower than a second?

I’m down to 0’38"639 on CFH

I used priestess, witch, bard, and warrior.

I think the lowest run of CFH could be about 30 seconds

Here’s what I suggest. There can be two categories: one where all heroes have stats at or below level 50 except for speed which is 100 or below and another where heroes can have stats above level 50 except for speed which can go up to 95%. I think that is reasonable.
Let me know if anybody has other suggestions.

0’36"687 on Cakes from Hell.

I choked at the end and could have probably got sub 30.

Edit: I’m down to 0’31"103

you could reset all the stats and then edit your save to have x fat that you’ve got to spend on leveling.

wait what you can edit your save

yes, if you use the developer tools in your browser and find the local storage you can edit the values there

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but where is the local storage

it depends on your browser
on firefox it is like this

I’m not sure on chrome I think it is like this (I’m using the brave browser that I think is built on chrome)

Wait… if one can edit the values then that means one could in theory edit the times.

Oh great now there has to be video evidence…


I think the honor system would work considering this is for fun and not winning some price

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To clarify, I posted my times before i knew that i could edit the game times

i dont think thats possible

Got 18.719s on CFH after some attempts, using Witch and Illusionist is a really good combo. You can see my strategy for level ups here. Basically, only metabolism matters for the attackers, then buffing the bard’s power to whatever you want. This lets you reset the cooldown regardless of attacker weight, then you can use a second support to reset the bard cd if necessary.

Normally, I let the attacker digestion finish fully, but for speed it helps to eat a bit of it as the bard, as you can see from the clear screenshot.

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Did this on candy dragon >_>
Screenshot - e72c54fd2e6ba7eef5755696b4216da8 - Gyazo

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One second!? Dude you need to post a video of that or something, I’ve got some decent times, but I dont have any idea how you could be that fast.