Eat the Dungeon: Character builds

Like the title says, I’m making this post to ask about builds for each of the characters in Eat the Dungeon.

So, what are the best builds for each of the games characters, and the best situations to use each character? I like the game, but I tend to just use the characters I like the look of the most, and if they don’t gain weight in the belly as much as other areas I just increase their capacity to try and have them with big bellies for longer, but I wanna know what the best way to build each character is.

ATM the meta favors Witch for magic damage, Thief for sneak/phys damage, and Bard and Priestess to keep your DPS heroes active. Haven’t played in a while, but Knight got a buff and the single-target heroes should all be significantly faster than AoE heroes.

Witch and Thief are Meta by a ridiculous margin due to the Spellblade being not great compared to the Witch and the Thief being the only source of sneak damage. Witch is best built with tons of capacity and speed, and a little power to get her above certain break points out of the gate. You can also give her some metabolism, but quicker digestion leads her to gain weight quicker which in turn means she gets the speed penalties quicker.

With enough capacity, and a support unit like Priestess or Bard siphoning her stomach contents, you can actually get away with her not getting a significantly slower a cooldown until you are already done with the level.

Metabolism is better put on a support unit that will be pocketing the Witch, refreshing her cooldowns and keeping her from getting KO’d. The Warrior, Knight, and Bard make the best candidates for this due to their base speed.

I think a heavily leveled Illusionist may possibly replace both the Witch and Thief in team slots once she goes live, as her slow base speed can be remedied with a pocket and covering two important elements with a full screen attack will be too good to pass up.

I can see the next patch meta being Warrior, Bard, Priestess, Illusionist. 3 characters capable of supporting and lowering cooldowns, and all elements covered.

I could see the Bard being subbed out for the Thief or Witch in certain levels with heavier focus on physical damage or magic, but you rarely need to double up on elements, so meh.

Generally speaking capacity is important on every character, but especially so on damage dealers.

Metabolism is better on support units, although a level or two won’t hurt, especially early on when you can’t stack capacity.

Every character should probably have a few points of power, but it largely comes down to preference. I personally like 10 base attack minimum for every character. I generally pump attack on the Warrior as her excellent base speed lets her siphon off weight from other characters rapidly, much more so than the other support characters. Add in some metabolism to keep her stomach low, and you have one of the best pockets in the game. The extra power will also boost the amount she can siphon off at once and boost her defense buff.

Speed is the most powerful stat, but it takes a lot of investment to really reap the rewards. It should be the last thing you build due to how much it takes to get out of it. Use support characters to tide you over until you can invest in it.

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Don’t forget that the Bard also boosts the power of the girl on the receiving end of her ability! When you use her power on someone, she gets a damage boost to all stats until she attacks or gets hit by an enemy. But yeah, the Witch is the main damage dealer, in general, since she can hit 5 targets at once with her move and wipe out weaklings in a single shot. The Knight’s attack hits two targets horizontally (that is, it hits with piercing-the one you aimed for and the one directly behind it). Worth keeping in mind if you plan to use her in a dungeon. Also: I know it’s been said before, but the Warrior, Bard, Priestess and Knight all have siphoning powers, so they can make it easier for an ally to reenter the fray after getting overloaded on enemies…

I build witch almost pure power, and then build bard power and digestion speed. Witch attacks and bard absorbs all her food so she can attack again while keeping her weight down. My fastest runs are from using bard to clear witches food, then using warrior and priestess to clear witch’s additional cooldowns. Or using warrior/priestess to clear bards cooldowns when she’s empty and really fat

Now that the Illusionist is here, things have changed. She is arguably a replacement for both the witch and the thief.
Right now, my personal setup is Bard, Priestess, Illusionist, and Spellblade.
For both Bard and Priestess, high capacity, high power, some extra speed when I can afford it.
For Illusionist, I am trying to get her to 999 metabolism, along with high strength, and maxed speed. The only reason I maxed speed is because her base wait time is so long that if I don’t increase speed she can start to out-pace my Bard’s ability to reset her timer.
For Spellblade, high capacity, high strength, and just a little bit of speed (70).
On levels where I don’t need the spellblade, I use the knight instead. High strength, high capacity, and I only use her at the beginning of the level to put a shield on the Illusionist.

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