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I added the items that I previewed last week!


I’m definitely welcoming the addition of the new items, it adds a layer to the game that I feel takes it in the right direction. I’m gonna list some things that I think may improve the usability of them though, hopefully you don’t mind!

  1. The healing potion should maybe have an increased effect and longer cooldown, so that you don’t just mindlessly spam it on the party members that need it.

  2. I like the idea of having the small attack items to use while you’re waiting for your party members to get ready to attack again, but I almost didn’t wanna use them since that’d diminish the possible weight gain. Perhaps it could add a small amount of weight to everyone or the adventurers that have the corresponding attack type, without adding to their fullness.
    (This is ofcourse based on the levels that we have right now, I don’t know if I’ll feel the same way if there’s more pressure to finish the levels in the future.)

  3. Changing the favored food type for your adventurers for one attack is pretty neat! And changing the type of the enemy is really powerful, maybe it should replace the food type instead of adding another type to the list (or just do something simple like adding a long cool-down to use these sorts of items)?

Looking forward to the next update(s)!


I might do something like this?

I think you’re right, once timers are in and there’s greater incentive to finish levels quickly this problem will solve itself.

I keep going back and forth on whether or not enemies should have one food type, or multiple. I haven’t been able to form a solid argument either way. Once I decide that I’ll finalize food-type item behavior.

Thank you!!!

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Here’s some gifs from the past two weeks!

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so just kind of want to note this, the multiplier seems like a great idea resource wise, but might be a bit of a problem if you’ll still only be able to drain one character, where you’d go into the next dungeon with one fast acting character, and three slower ones

additionally, does the multiplier only affect weight from the current dungeon, or overall weight? i know it’d be more logical to swing towards the former, but if it’s the later that could cause some problems in itself


I might add additional drains as a level reward in the future.

The multiplier only affects weight gained during the current level. Otherwise that would be way to easy to exploit.


Can you add more weight levels to the characters in future updates?:thinking:


I’m just curious, will there be more hero’s to select from? It’s totally fine if there won’t be though, I love the 4 already available :+1:

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I will definitely be adding more weight levels in the future.

I want to add several move heroes. Once v0.2 is done I will start adding a fifth adventurer.


I’ll be doing a test development stream for Eat The Dungeon on April 21st, at 5:00pm UTC for about 2 hours. It will be open to everybody. I don’t know what it’s gonna be like but maybe it will be fun?

You can follow me on twitch here:


I don’t know if something like this has been suggested already, but I had a few thoughts. Firstly the Priestess is very useful, and on the later floors I kind of neglected using her for combat, and just waited for certain characters to get turns to strike the best weak points. I couldn’t tell really if attacking with the wrong person was still effective so I just waited. Which got me thinking couldn’t each character have a non combat use like the priestess. The Knight could protect a person, preventing them from being attacked. The sorceress could buff a character’s stats, or something. and the rogue could maybe speed up other, or set a trap on a person that stuns any monster that attacks, or just steal random loot. Secondly as a later thing, you could use several designs for each class, and change the pose and maybe change the way they gain weight, so there could be a costume shall we way that focuses on pear growth, or apple growth, or hourglass ect. Just some loose ideas.

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Oh those seem like really cool ideas!


I do have plans to change The Warrior’s Armor ability to behave similarly to your defend idea, but I don’t agree that every character needs to have a non-attacking option. Characters that can buff others are cool, and will be covered by the upcoming Bard class.

In my mind, The Witch’s special ability is her AOE, and the Thief’s is her low attack cooldown. I’d rather focus on making those special than making new abilities.


That’s fair, but my main question is…

Are we going to get more ranged attackers? A gunslinger or an Archer for example…

I ask because it always seems like I don’t actually attacj with teh Warrior simply because she doesn’t have that reach.

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Yes I definitely want to put in a ranged weapon user in eventually.


Are there going to be mre fat art for the game in the future?

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According to the last 3 or 4 times people have asked this, yes.



And if I’m allowed to give ideas, would teh Archer have a similarly fast cooldown to the rogue, while a Gunslinger could attack and entire vertical row, old school cowboy fanning the hammer style.

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Yes, there definitely will be!

I need to make an FAQ soon, and this will be the first entry lol.

I like both of these!


I have a nonsensical idea where the gunslingers gun gets bigger as they gain weight.

They still get fat of course but when they are really big they just five a cannon that pierces the row.


Its the first major update, wow! Timers, unlockables, new armor ability, and big re-balance!

Read the patch notes here:

This is intriguing and adventurers getting new powers as they get fatter is something I want to think some more about.