Eat The Dungeon General Discussion



Lightweight cleric is OP. Consider transferring some % of weight to her every time she uses her special to limit reset-spam. Currently you can easily cycle two characters back and forth on the weight elimination option and let the 3rd pile on the pounds, using the cleric to fuel her attacks. This takes the cleric completely out of the end of dungeon upgrade meta, leaving more available points for the others (alternating speed boosts for the two fast attackers and power for the heavy).

It would be nice to see the others characters have specials also, to add some strategy and differentiate their play a bit. Perhaps the tank could shield a character from new debuffs, or the mage could do an area attack at 1 damage.

On a more technical note I notice that click and drag isn’t working on either Opera mobile or my Wacom tablet. Are you by chance polling the mouse directly rather than using some sort of more generic onclick event?


I’ve thought a little about this. I think it would be cool but making a overworld map sounds like a high-effort, low-impact art asset. I might make it part of the second patreon goal, the story one.

I like this visual stuff very much, I think it would be very fun. Not so sure about the change in enemy attack speed though.

I want to put in enemy scaling into the next set of level. Scaling them visually sounds really cool!!!

I think this is interesting. I have ideas for characters that are heal and buff only, and this would solve the problem of how to gain for them.

These are cool. The Priestess feels really unique right now, which I like, but making the others shine as well is good.

Ah you are correct!!! This is my first time really working with java, I was bound to make a mistake like this sooner or later. Thank you for pointing it out!


are there plans for additional gain or is it going to be limited to what we saw in the prototype?


I think he said they would definitely be getting bigger.


I would personally love to see a sandbox mode that has no timers for attacking


Maybe have the sandbox mode be locked behind having to complete the story mode?


That sounds smart :hamburger:


Keroro04 is correct, there will be a bunch more weight levels in the future!

I definitely don’t want to be adding more modes right now, BUT I think this would make a really cool super attack!!! Charge up a meter and then get 10 seconds of unlimited attacks?!? It would spice up the pacing a bunch.


Me likey so far. A lot of meaty suggestions have already been brought up, so I’ll simply suggest some visual flair;

  1. Have backdrops for specific floors. It doesn’t have to be a unique background for every floor in the game, just a set of backgrounds that can fit the theme of the area (crystal caves, forests, boss rooms, etc).

  2. Have each class’s attacks have specific animations. Specifically, have the target’s square have a small animation respective to each move. I’m thinking the following; the warrior’s shield slamming into the image, the rogue’s stilettos slashing across the image, the priest’s hands clapping the image super hard, and the witch’s lightning shocking the image. Hope that makes sense P:

  3. For those higher weight levels, have the characters change poses. It doesn’t have to be redrawing the character every time, just two poses for the higher levels; one where they’re slightly more burdened by their fat, and another where they’re physically struggling to handle all of their chunk. Might be too demanding, so feel free to ignore this is that’s the case.

Other than that, the promise is off the charts. Anticipating the future!


Looks awesome! Happy to see great content!


I like how this is shaping up so far.

If I was to pick a couple of things I’d like to see in the game, one would be a clearer indicator of what enemy is with regards to the character’s favourite food. The bacon door is obvious, but I didn’t figure out that the one was a fruit and jelly salad until near the end.

In my playthrough, I refused to use the weight loss option. Had the sorc up to 1129, which I felt was kind of impressive. The other’s were around the 300-600 mark.

Everything else has already been suggested by other people. Off to a great start, and I’m looking forward to more.


So will actually eating the entire dungeon be a mechanic by the end of the game? I am guessing that by the endgame the characters will probably be big and fat enough to dwarf even the biggest food monsters, so they’d probably be able to eat the dungeon floor by floor by then.


I like these, they’ll take some time to make but I want to get to them eventually!

When I get around to adding additional weight levels, I think I’ll do this.

Enemy food type is indicated by their background, but nobody’s picking up on this so I think I’ll do something to make it more explicit. Its not helped by the fact that a lot of the enemy concepts ended up being really unclear!

That’s a bold strategy! I’m wondering if there should be a secondary benefit to high weight, like increased power or something.

That would be really funny!!!


I really enjoyed what the game has to offer so far, but it can still be improved in many ways. It would definitely benefit from a more polished UI, as I didn’t understand the leveling mechanics at first. And I would love to see some kind of a hub world where we could maybe equip the characters with different items/skills/passives.

Speaking of skills, as others mentioned, lightweight cleric is pretty powerful mostly because of her healing, so it would be nice for the other characters to have secondaries that benefit their teammates or themselves. Like, for instance, the warrior (not sure if that’s the class, she has the sword and shield attacks), having something like “Protection” in which she stops all damage from affecting a character for a set time. Things like that.

In any case, I look forward to more!


Well I mean, if you name a game as Eat the Dungeon, you might as well do the namesake by the endgame, and maybe even beyond for postgame and sandbox.


Hey how about a art gallery that you unlock as the game progresses, that would be neat


Yeah, that would be a genius idea.


The out of combat UI is kinda just hacked together at random. Soooo want to redo the whole thing.

I agree completely!

I think this would be cool!!! But I’d want to focus on adding a lot more content for now.


This game so funning.I hope more updates im ambicious for this


I love the game so far!!!