Eat The Dungeon General Discussion



Perhaps in a later update, you can make the Speed and Strength upgrades be available as multiples, rather than one time purchases after levels, as long as the player can purchase it?


How many player sprites are there? I want to see them. If anything, I want to find out how large they can be.


It’s in a early state, so I doubt that can be shown. But considering the name is Eat the Dungeon, I can guess that by the end game, they’ll have grown fat enough to simply just eat the dungeon in it’s entirety.


I think I’m gonna do this. The whole out-of-town sequence is a big hack to accomodate the constraints of the prototype. The original idea was a darkest-dungeon-esque tavern/church thing, with slots you would occupy, and a bunch of characters to choose from.

Right now there’s 5 fatness levels and each one has 5 stuffing levels. Play the game to find out!!! The current biggest level is reached at about 325.


it’s quite fun currently to see how big you can get a party member while still being useful. I have the warrior (top left) to over a ton, and she still has about a 20 second cooldown. could make for interesting modifiers for massive fighters who are boosted in other ways, like reducing the fat penalty so significantly!


Can we do a vote to decide the names of the adventurers? Since we are playing them and gonna watch them become dungeon-devouring blobs, we should at least figure out their names.


I think this is gonna be one of those games where no one actually has any names (The thief is just gonna be called “The Thief”, for instance). We’re more here to see them become dungeon-devouring blobs than get deep into their character, and there are more classes coming along soon, so we may not have any names because they might be vestigial.



I’m excited to add more weight levels in the future so the characters can get even bigger!

Personaly I think referring to the characters solely by their class title is cool. If I do name them, I’d probably make it a poll for my patrons.


The game is just awesome and I’m actually happy, knowing that you’re going to improve & update it. Actually, things I wish for to be there are - more weight gain levels (I know you’re going to add more) and maybe, in far-far future some 3D graphics


I cannot reach the site on my computer but I can on my phone, please help.


Guess I didn’t make my question specific enough, whoops. Do you plan to make more fatness levels? If so, is there a way I might get a preview of it?


I doubt there will ever be any 3D stuff. I’d like to keep this a one-person project, and 3D is way outside my skillset.

What browser are you using?

Sorry I misunderstood you. More fatness levels will be coming up. I usually post previews of what I’m working on every Tuesday.


I’m looking forward to updates, this is a game I could waste a lot of time on :stuck_out_tongue:

also update, I managed to get the warrior up to 3500 lbs with an attack every 16 seconds! it seems like there are diminishing returns on speeding characters up, though that makes sense… :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t wait to see the characters get fatter!!


I am using google Chrome


So besides the heroes becoming super huge and fat, are there any monsters who also had the same idea and trying to eat their own dungeon?


Whoa that is really impressive! Yeah I went with diminishing returns on speed so you could level it forever without having to set some kind of level cap on it.

What error message are you getting?

Perhaps lol!


is there anyway to play of on Android?


Not yet, I want it to be playable in mobile browsers but there’s a few bugs I have to fix for it to work.


What are you currently working on?