Eat The Dungeon General Discussion



A big redesign on the gameplay using all the feedback is the first major update. Can’t say when that will be done, it’ll be ready when its ready!

I’ll fix some bugs along the way, might even get them done next week if everything works out.


Will we have even bigger and blobbier sizes? In the update that is.


Not in the redesign update. I’d like to focus strictly on gameplay for that one so I can finish it quicker. The update after that, maybe.


Great game so far.
Requested feedback:
1.I’m not sure if a “loss” state will improve the game much.
Maybe if would be enough of a loss state if the adventurers felt too full to continue eating the dungeon and had to leave early. Or maybe they would feal sick to their stomach.

  1. I think the icons and timers on the adventures are fine. I would change the display on the monsters. I found it hard to see what the next attack was going to be if the monster had many attacks.

Extra feedback:
I also had some difficulty telling what food/foodgroup a monster belonged to. I would find it helpful if the favorite foods icon was also on the monster.

I’m looking forward to the future updates!


Thank you!!!

I’m gonna have to think really hard about how I want to lay out enemy UI stuff now. Maybe for attacks, I’ll only show the one that’s about to happen, and only show all of them if you hover over them with your mouse?


Yeah, it’s kinda hard to tell which character the monsters attack. The attack things seem to be buried under the numbers.


I might just hide the attack strength too, only to show it on hover. The most important aspect of an attack is the target, after all.

I’ve also been thinking of removing timed enemy attacks entirely, and just making it a persistent debuff. For example, as long as Enemy X is on the board the character with the highest Weapon stat gets -2 Weapon. Then when the enemy is destroyed that debuff is removed.


That could be both a blessing and a curse. It’d be easier to tell which character it’s debuffing for sure, and it’d probably the game easier to create going forwards as well, but it would also make Enemy X really hard to kill if the character it was targeting was also the only character with the weapon to destroy it (i.e. if Enemy X’s only defense was shields and it was targeting the warrior)


I think I’d prefer the cooldown actually.


This game is pretty darn fun and very simple. It’s easy to understand, but as other people have said, UI might be a bit tough to navigate. There’s so much going on, it’s difficult to focus on the important stuff. Otherwise, I think it accomplishes its goal pretty well, though, I might have a couple ideas.

I realized the priestess was the only one with a unique trait, making her a little more special while leaving the rest somewhat bland. It might be good to give the others unique traits as well, such as maybe the warrior giving a temporary boost to a select ally or the witch magically reducing the fat of others, while increasing her weight in the process.

I feel like later down in the development process, you could add more individuals, or have new characters in each of the four classes (Considering the Thief, Warrior, Witch, and Priestess as classes). Seeing as how there were some mobs that weren’t under one of each of the classes favorite meals (The corn (vegetables), The peanut monster thing (Nuts), and those weird rock guys (I dunno)), these new characters could have their own favorite type as well as some other changes, like having different attack abilities than the other in that class.
For example, you could have a battle priestess that you could swap out with the normal priestess that has a lower faith trait, but also has an attack trait along with it. That, or a Barbarian to replace the warrior, but it focuses solely on attack. When on the mission select screen, you could swap between them to ready the next mission I don’t know if this is possible, but it would bring new possible strategies to the table if doable

Final idea would be a story to go along with it. whether it’s text on the mission screen or something else, it could add some more depth and draw the player in a bit more


I think this might remove some of the speed of the game. The sole fact that these cooldowns would occasionally stack on a character encouraged me to focus on that target and use the resources I had to stop that enemy before dealing with the rest (The priestess’ ability and the bonus acquired from a character eating her favorite food). The cooldown timer and the attacks might just need a little tweaking, though I don’t know exactly how.


This would completely change the pacing of the game, but you could try making it so that the enemy only attacks immediately after you attack with one of your characters.

This would essentially make the game turn-based and more of a puzzle game, since you’d have to figure out the best order of attacks to maximize your potential damage before debuffs. It’d also make it so you set the pace of the game, which for better or for worse would remove the pressure that the current system has.

If you’d go with this route the cooldowns would become turns instead of live countdowns, which solves the issue of having the stuffed versions of the characters on the screen for only a few seconds before they go away.

That’s just an idea though, I’m sure that whatever system you decide to go with is gonna be really good either way!


Yeah with persistent debuff thing could be slowed down real quick. It’d be way trickier to get right and the player could get completely stopped in their tracks. Right now there’s gaps in the cooldown/attack timers to exploit.

I think abilities like this would be cool.

I absolutely want to make this happen, this is one of my major goals for continued development.

I want to focus on the gameplay and art for now. If the patreon reaches its second goal I’ll be able to devote the time to making a story.

Definitely going to be thinking about this a lot. I want a game that’s fast-paced, but not stressful, which is a weird needle to thread.

This could be interesting. Makes it a little more thinky.


I absolutely love the concept the game play isnt bad either, it would be nice to have more characters and out of the four girls in my opinion the green haired one is the best <3 it would be really cool to see more characters like her, one complaint though, the characters past about 300 or something dont get any bigger idk if this is temporary or what but it would certainly be nice to see them get bigger if possible


There will definitely be more characters and weight levels in the future, don’t worry about it!


I updated the game with some bugfixes. Mobile support still isn’t in yet, unfortunately.


If this went up on Steam, I’d totally buy it, no matter the price. I can’t wait for the full thing.


ok so I found a bit of a bug, when the giant candy golem is down to 1 defense it starts attacking instantly and constantly


Thank you for the vote of confidence, but I doubt something niche like this would do very well on steam at all. Plus the plan is for it to be free forever anyway.

Thanks for finding this. I’ll check it out this weekend.


@bewildered_angel Yay!!! Thank You, I love this game!!