Eat The Dungeon General Discussion



Thank you!!! I’m glad you like it so much!


Honestly cna’t wait to see how this turns out in the end. It’s simple, enjoyable, and has a good bit of promise to it.

That, and it’s playable on browser

FINALLY another gain game playable on browser


Thank you!!! I wanted my game to be browser-based before I even had the idea for ETD. It really is just way more convenient IMO.


Playable Butter Witch when? I ask because of the commission art you did making her look great.


Thank you! I currently don’t have any plans for making any of the monsters into playable characters. Of course that might change if any of the patrons at the $25 level would want it.


Great Game! Is the a discord server for this to keep even more up to date about the workings of it?


Maybe different faces for the characters when they’re at different fullness levels? Unless you’re already planning on different poses, but this would be easier to do if having to make too many assets is an issue.

Flavor text during battle like, when someone is ko’d, or when an adventurer rises in weight level.

Maybe a pic of all the characters together when out of combat?


Thank you! There is no discord server. The Patreon page is the current main hub, but I also post updates on social media like Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart, etc

I think this is cool, and if it was just the expressions it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

I think I could do something like this.

Not really sure what you mean here?


At the end of floor black screen, maybe a scene of all the different characters discussing their next move, with a map, and a meal, sort of thing…


I want to focus on gameplay for now. Anything resembling a cutscene will have to come way later.


Here’s the first part of my proposal for the v0.2 Redesign. Part 2 will be out-of-combat and leveling, and part 3 will be alternate ideas. I’d like to get both done next week, but who knows!

Most of the feedback honed in on four main problems:

It’s hard to tell what’s going on. This is just solved with reworking the UI and putting good animations in. There will be more of this in Part 2.

There’s no stakes because victory is inevitable. I thought a long time about the idea of a lose condition and I still don’t like it. With running enemies, and rewards for fast clear times, I want the player to have reasons to act quickly and try their best. I’ll revisit lose conditions in part 3.

Wait times are too long. In general, I agree. I want to shorten the weight times. This is also mitigated by the item system, and by all support abilities (including the new armor functionality) reducing timers. There are also some ideas in Part 3 that might be interesting.

Keeping the Priestess light is OP. I don’t think the healer being strong is necessarily a bad thing. Healers are good. But I want to there to be multiple different strategies, and I want to Priestess to get heavy at some point. So now her resetting power is slightly reduced, and shared with at least one other character. And now supporting accumulates weight too.

Please let me know what you think of these! And look forward to Parts 2 and 3!


Well, I just read the post, and I have to say… YES.

Just looking at the first image alone, I see major improvements. First off, the attacking columns system is a brilliant move. Not only does it give each class more of a specialized use, but opens the door for further characterization on future additions to the roster (me want a fatty bard YESTERDAY).

Second, the clearer distinction of enemy food types. As you said, it was supposed to be so that you could figure them out by background type… the problem is that I didn’t see enough shared backgrounds to make a difference. It didn’t help that there was only one dairy-type enemy, but that’s not really a problem now. While having those little icons isn’t the most graceful of solutions, it at least clarifies things.

Finally, the grading system is the go-to way for earning items and characters, in my book (me still NEED THE BARD-).

Oh, and nerfing the priestess is a-ok so long as it means her gaining those majestic love handles.

I LIKE this. I SUPPORT this.


I enjoy this project very much, but I do feel like there should be a secondary ability like the priestess for every character. The warrior should have a shield that protects any character from debuffs for a short time. The black mage, or bottom right character, should increase the power of the attacks. And the assassin, or top right character, Can attack a monster twice?


@bewildered_angel I love the idea of shortening fat times. Thank you for all the hard work!!


that or an exceedingly slow recharge ability that instantly fells an enemy


Thank you!!!

I don’t necessarily think that every character needs a special mechanic. Characters can be interesting for statistical reasons. The Thief has the lowest attack timer of all the characters, and the Witch has the highest single-ability damage. I think this is in keeping with their roles as damage-dealers. I think I want to make their stats in this regard better though, to emphasize their specialties.


While I agree that it isn’t necessary for all characters to have special abilities, I would like to see the characters have the option of getting a special ability. But I would also like if it was balanced out, otherwise the enemies would become complete jokes.

So my suggestion is having the special abilities be something like… sidegrades that the characters may or may not equip. Eg. an ability for the rogue named “Assassinate” which deals triple of her base damage to any enemy, but in return it triples her wait time. Of course, this is only an improvised example, instead of a serious request.

Anyhow, my point is that I’d like for the players to be free to decide whether they want to stick to simply monitoring and using characters’ normal stats or if they want to use special abilities and their gameplay-changing effects.

Regardless, I look forward to seeing what else you have planned for this game! I’m loving it so far!


I also do agree. I would like to see some more options to play the game with each character second ability optional. For example, maybe your warrior can be something like a Priestess and you Priestess be an attacker. This could help with some more replay ability . Maybe this could become a thing in the future


Thank you!!!

I do think side-grades are really interesting. I don’t think its something the game needs right now but if the game needs spicing up once it gets bigger, I’ll probably do something like this.

For now I think this will be covered by adding new characters to the game. For instance there could be a Paladin with Weapon and Healing abilities, or a Warpriest with Magic and Faith.

I could be wrong though, and in the future I may need to expand the leveling system quite a bit. If it comes to that, I’ll definitely remember this!


I was wondering if you had an idea for the sound direction as well as the musical direction of the game?