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I haven’t really put a lot of thought into sound yet. Probably something light, fun, arcade-y.


Just wanna make a quick suggestion: if you’re going to change how leveling works in the game anytime soon, then may I propose that you add something like “carrying capacity”. A stat that determines how much weight an adventurer can have on them before the waiting time penalty kicks in. Simply because I like how chubby the adventurers look when at larger sizes, and I would prefer to somehow maintain that without also being restricted by the ever-increasing penalty.

To that end, may I also suggest that we have the option of extracting a specific amount of weight from an adventurer, instead of it being an “all-or-nothing” deal.

Lastly, I’d also like to see some kind of a statistic screen that would say how many levels each character got and in what category. So the players could know if this or that character really needs a boost in power, or a reduction in waiting times, etc.


I think these could be interesting.

Right now the character’s levels are actually already on the out-of-combat screen, they’re just super small and impossible to see! Part 2 of the redesign proposal will address this.


possible for android het ?


I’m going to assume you mean android compatibility. That should most likely come later after this major update. And if not, later on


Yup I have plans to get it to work with mobile browsers. It will probably be ready mid-way through next month. I have touch controls working but I still need to optimize the text renderer.


Quick question, how far into the major redo/update are you?


I’ll be writing up part 2 of the redesign document today. I also want to finish part 3 of the document today, but I might have to save it for next week. After that I’ll do the mobile optimization and compatibility, then the week after that I’ll begin implementing the redesign changes.


(Opinions, not me trying to be objective)
I really like the design of the rogue the best so far, the thighs for days helped there tbh. but i think that the witch needs a redesign, i thought the wg wasn’t implemented yet when i played her, and when i did realize she had wg, i found it kind of underwhelming. I may be alone on this, just wanted to state what i loved and didn’t character design wise :slight_smile:


The Witch’s gain ended up being a lot slower than I realized. Future updates will have her getting bigger at a rate similar to the other characters.


I posted the last two parts of the v0.2 redesign proposal!

Part 2 mostly details changes to improve the UI and accommodate the new features already described in part 1. The biggest change that hasn’t already been covered elsewhere is that now digestion rate and stomach capacity are attributes you level up now.

The final part of the v0.2 proposal mostly focuses on alternate ideas, concepts that were popular and I thought were cool, but I’m still on the fence about. Probably next week I’ll put up a poll for patrons to gauge interest is which version to pursue (Default design, Enemies Do Damage, and Fast/Simple)

This also includes a note about the weight/power feature, which is something I forgot to include in part 1. Sorry about that!

Let me know what you think!


Okay, I like, I like!

I’ll just list off my likes/dislikes in order;

1). The leveling system. I basically have no complaints here; the UI actually looks like a UI, the mechanics are better communicated, and the two added stats would basically fix my only major gripe with the current game.

Also, those twelve vacant slots? YES.

2). The floor select. The letter ranking to the side is kind of confusing; is it your best times in each rank for that floor only, or something else? Just a tad confusing, and it doesn’t quite fit in place. Otherwise, nice and improved.

3). Party select. Same confusion as floor select regarding the letters, but other than that it’s a yes^2.

4). The ideas. The power increase with fat is easily my favorite of these, and I wholeheartedly agree with the power cap to keep things easy. I’m impartial to the two alternate approaches; on one hand, having enemies do damage would actually present a challenge and make it more game-like. On the other hand, I just want to see blubber grow. I’m conflicted!

Regardless, thank you very much for these updates!


Thank you!!!

The part with the letter grades is supposed to show what time is required for each grade, and what rewards (if any) that rank has. I think I can just make the “Rewards” title more prominent on the UI to make it clearer.


I put my idea into it, but I’ll post it here, for the W=P idea, you could have it where it slowly drains fat, making the boost temporary unless she’s constantly eating, but draining the fat and boosting her strength that way would make it more permanent


I responded on patreon, but for the edification of everyone in this thread I’ll post my response here:

I feel like adding a drain would over-complicate the weight/power system unnecessarily. I just want to slightly mitigate the penalties of high weight for players who want to keep their characters fat for longer.


“I want players to be able to level up their characters according to what they want…Players into weight gain can prioritize speed and metabolism. Players into stuffing can focus on power and capacity”
:point_up: This stat system is genius. I like weight gain but I feel like too many games are weak on the stuffing part, now I can build characters around it.


Hey, I played your game once?

Can you rip the sprites for me?


Thank you, I started getting a lot of feedback that people were really into one without the other, and I think this is a pretty elegant way to enable that.

I don’t want to post any of the art assets because I’d rather people experience them in-game. Though later on I might add gallery option where you can see unlocked weight and stuffing levels.


Hey, since we’re on the topic of leveling and such, I do hope that you’ll also add in some kind of respec mechanic, just so we’re not absolutely locked into our choices, while also adding an element of strategy in trying to reach those grades for fast completion times. Of course, I’m not saying that the respec should be free or always available, but any kind is better than nothing.

One more thing: I do hope that saving and loading would soon be in the game. There’s not that much content in this first build, true, but it’s a shame to see that little bit of progress be lost.


Generally I like a respec with a cost, so I’ll probably end up putting this in eventually. I don’t want ETD to be a super punishing experience so I’m totally on board with this.

Saving/Loading will either be in the upcoming major redesign update, or the content update after that. I didn’t put it in the prototype because I figured the design would change enough to invalidate old saves completely.