Eat The Dungeon General Discussion



Maybe give the players the ability to choose the way each character grows? Like, by default the cleric will be breast-heavy, but you could have the player have the choice to make her a hourglass or gain mostly in the ass instead.


I think this would be prohibitively difficult to do. I’d have to redraw each character several times entirely. I think using that time and effort to add new characters that gain in different ways is a better way to improve the game.


not only that but someone can’t choose how they want to gain weight, otherwise every woman in the world would have giant breasts instead of a giant butt

and yeah maybe when respecing it costs all of the fat of the character and they essentially have to start from scratch, or at the worst get docked 50% of their overall fat they accumulated


While this is true its not like ETD is intended to be realistic in any way lol.

These could be good formula for the respec cost. I’ll try them out and see if they feel good.


Hi! I’ve updated the game with mobile controls! Details here:


I put up a poll for patrons to determine ETD’s design


Are you planning to add more stages to the girls weight gain in the near future?


I definitely want to add a lot more fat and stuffing levels, though I haven’t decided when I want to implement them yet.


Are there going to be more enemies in the game? Currently the priestess and warrior are useless, in my opinion.


The priestess can undo debuffs and reset attack cooldowns, so she’s a lot better for making everyone else faster rather than attacking directly.


I will be adding new enemies as I make new levels.


I’ve updated Eat The Dungeon with the new level up scheme and some balance changes:


my only complaint for this update is that the metabolism and capacity upgrades are… too small. like I get holding back a bit to not make the player’s upgrades go wildly out of control in terms of capacity, but metabolism is essentially the speed stat for the stomach, so it just feels inconsequential to upgrade it in small amounts.


I agree with the person above. Adding to that, it’s not even like we can level up wildly, since exp prices just keep getting higher for the same small stat boosts. So I suggest that the metabolism and capacity upgrades are buffed to AT LEAST give double of their current amount (+0.10/s for metabolism and +1 for capacity, respectively).

One more thing I’d suggest is to have the price increases for stats be an individual thing per stat; e.g. have only the Power go up in price if you level it up, have only the Speed go up in price if you level it up, etc. instead of the prices increasing across the board whenever you level up any of the character’s stats.

However, if you really want to keep the collective price increase, then may I propose that you spread apart the tempo at which the prices increase? For instance, instead of every level, the stats will only go up from 40 to 50 (and so on) every three or four levels that we get. That way, we can see some more results during level up, rather than fighting an uphill battle with the more and more expensive upgrades…


@bewildered_angel Great work! I also agree with @Cr0me his idea seems very interesting to me. Please remember Bewildered that we are all very happy with the game and our criticism is meant kindly. Please keep that in mind. Thank you!!


I really like the changes. You can really make them into distinctive separate classes now.
Thief works great with speed and metabolism boost while I just go for max capacity with the Witch.
I actually made the witches stomach capacity so large and her metabolism so slow that she doesn’t even finish digesting between levels, not sure if you meant for this to be intentional or not but that’s how it’s working for me.


You guys are probably correct, regarding the metabolism/capacity stats. I will be buffing them in the future.

I don’t like price being per-stat because that encourages building wide (all stats roughly equal) than building tall(focus specific stats). In the current scheme, you can build all of the characters in unique, specific ways.

In the future, when there’s more levels, enemies will scale up defenses/attacks, and more defenses means faster fat acquisition. I think the experience curve will work very nicely once enemy scaling is in.

Thank you! Don’t worry, it would take a lot more than constructive criticism to upset me.

That is pretty funny, but I’d prefer it if everything reset between levels. Especially once the timer and rewards get implemented.


with higher defense enemies, is there any chance for higher weight gain? like due to an item or an effect, weight gained is increased? this would probably have to be an item or limited effect to do this, because gaining more weight would be more of a reward than a detriment.

You mentioned the potential for items in a previous statement so I guess I’m curious if you had any particular idea for that as well, or if that was an aspect that was not going to be implemented. great work so far by the way!


Higher defense enemies, combined with high-power heroes will result in faster weight gain naturally, since the player will be doing more damage quicker.

I still plan on implementing items, but I haven’t decided what kind of items will be in the game yet.


I would really, really appreciate something that reduces K.O time, a Metabolic booster or whatever