Eat The Dungeon General Discussion



I really enjoy this little game, it’s quite fun.

Just ideas, feel free to dismiss, but what if you had:
A monster that could shuffle skill/preferences, temporarily?
A character (Like a monk or something) who’s weight was always 1/2 the average of the group, but what they digest adds to everyone elses weight counters?
Or, perhaps a character who can flip two characters weights?

All just little ideas. I really enjoy the game regardless!


I think this is a good idea!

This is interesting. I’d like to add monsters that have unusual attacks.

I’m wary of having to come up with new mechanics every time I add a new character, but I have been thinking of making a character that can manipulate other character’s weight.


This is coming along great!


Hey, wanted to stop in and say how awesome this whole project is! Even though it’s early the game is really fun to play. I especially like the whole enemy defence system and how it makes it strategic on who attacks which enemy (choosing to defeat an enemy quickly by exploiting low defence or milking high defense for exp.)

One idea that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere is related to the idea of a lose state. This mainly came from those redesign posts, and I’ve been thinking of a way to keep the current design but also make it more “gamey”.

The idea I came up with (not super original admittedly) is once an adventurer reaches a certain weight they are no longer able to act (possibly could still buff but not attack), and once all adventurers reach that weight you fail the dungeon. I thought it could be an interesting design space, as you’d be trying to make adventures as fat as possible to get the bonuses without crossing that threshold.

Some other ideas that could also work with that premise:
• Certain enemie’s attacks could add fullness
• Adventures could have different max weights
• Max weight could increase with levels

Sorry for the long essay of a post, kinda got carried away. I’ll definitely be following the progress of the game and I’m excited to see where it goes!


Thank you!!!

I’m kind of resistant to the idea of max weight being a failing state, but it might work if its a leveled stat. Enemies attacking fullness sounds really cool, and its something I would like to do.


I think the idea of Enemies attacking fullness would work much better than excess weight themed failure, especially since I think the Fullness fuction could also work as a game over mechanic.

Eat too much and you KO, right? So, why not make it so that the party loses if all four of them get KO’d? It’s hard to do it on accident, and it gives people a reason to avoid doing it on purpose (like I did, a lot), and it makes factors like Capacity and Metabolism a concern for all Characters, instead of just the ones doing lots of damage.


Love, love, loving it - subbed to patreon. Wondering if there could be any options for a dev console/cheat menu for higher tier patreons?


This is more appealing to me as a failure state since it already matches with current behaviors.

Thank you! This sounds interesting but I don’t think it would be worthwhile until the game is bigger.


I updated ETD again!!!


Though it is only a minor update, I like that the game looks nicer with each bit of progress. The diminishing “health” bars do serve as a slightly quicker feedback to gauge what type of attack would work best, and the buff to the two new stats is very much welcome.

That said, I still would be happy to see some cushioning between the price increases somewhere along the line. Maybe something like for each 2-3 upgrades we get, the price then goes up? Something to make leveling up a less restricted affair…

Other than that, it’s great to see this steady flow of new updates. Keep up the good work.


I’ll probably wait until enemy scaling is in the game before I revisit how leveling works.


So a couple dumb thoughts ive been having

1, characters: i know you intend on having multiple character classes, but do you have a plan on whether theyd be locked or not? Would it be a pure progression based system, or maybe a sort of acheivement style one? Like having the mage with 16 attack while having the priest with 8 heal unlocks the druid (or something idk)

2, unlockables: now i dont want to put more stress on you with a dumb addon, but what about a secondary currency gained through beating levels, thats used to unlock some cosmetic stuff, like scenes of the diffrent characters, or even secondary costumes (if you feel you’re up to that)?


Hadn’t tested this since you added mobile support. This really is right at home on a phone screen now. Seems to still have problems with tablet input on PC, will report back if I manage to fix it on the client side.

I notice that on the first hit of the round I am having characters get KOed when they shouldn’t be if they finished the last round with high fullness.


Disabling Windows Ink fixed the problem using a tablet on PC. Seems like a more general problem with Windows Ink preempting click and drag rather than something specific to your game.


When can we see the next size category of the chars?


Sorry for disappearing for a few days!

They’ll be unlockable, probably based on completely levels at certain speed ranks.

This sounds like a whole lot of work. If this happened it would be way later when the game is more complete.

Thanks for letting me know about these.

Thanks for investigating. Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot I can do about Windows Ink.

Probably in the major update after the redesign is complete. I’d like to redo the warrior art entirely, that should probably come first though.



ETD has updated again!


I love this update, this really improves the little trick with the Priestess and makes the whole thing a lot more challenging.

A couple suggestions from my end:

  1. Perhaps you could spread out the increase increments a bit, so each weight level is harder to reach than the last (Not necessarily by much, but still)? This would both make the discovery of such changes less predictable, and also mean that drawing one extra size is a fair distance increase, and less likely to be surpassed too quickly.

  2. Perhaps one of our existing characters could have almost a buff ability, with an almost inverse effect of the Priestess? For example, the witch perhaps is able to double a characters power. This power runs out when the character is empty of food. As such, the witch gives said person some of her fullness/weight to fill them to, IDK, half of capacity.

  3. A neat power would be if the Rogue could “steal” someone’s skill for half of it’s power, just so they can contribute to any enemy they want (Though if you do this, taking away her acorn may be a good way of stopping her from being OP, or a copy-cat warrior when copying them.)

  4. If you haven’t started on any art yet, maybe create a debug character who uses the same sprites as one of the existing ones (With, IDK, a diff background), to experiment with any new powers or skillsets.

  5. Perhaps a monster (Like a slime) that, each time it attacks, it attacks the player with the lowest weight+fullness, and loses one weakness level to give them 10 fullness?

All these are just suggestions, of course. I’d love to hear your feedback, but I totally understand if you don’t want to go through with some of them. After all, I don’t know how you designed the skill and level system, so I don’t know how hard that is to change XD.

Either way, fantastic job, and good luck!

Edit: Noticed something (A glitch?), the Priestess doesn’t get KO’d if she fills over capacity via healing. If this isn’t an accident, I like it. If it is, felt I’d let you know. Fine with whatever you.


I found a glitch with the Priestess that has her not take as much of the fullness from an ally as her power says she can, sometimes due to using her ability as soon as someone does an attack.


Very pleased with this update, Cleric feels good, combat seems smoother.

Don’t know if you had a particular “right way” combat is supposed to go, but I found that it worked for me to just leave the characters fat and abuse the clerics ‘heal’ to keep things flowing.

Also, very pleased with the level of bulk I can pile on each character, looking forward to more. Incidentally, how many stages of fatness are you shooting for? One every “hundred pounds” as it is about now?