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I think this sounds cool!

These are intriguing ideas but I’m happy with the first four’s ability set as it is. I do want to make a buffing character in the future though.

I like these, I already have plans to do something similar.

Thanks for letting me know about this!

Thank you, I’ll investigate this.

Thank you! I don’t have any specific plans for how many weight levels there will be, other than just adding a bunch more.


I like the sound of “a bunch.”


Hey. Been following this as a bit for a while as an Anonymous browser but with the latest change I am able to use the infinite capacity healer glitch to definitely prove that if your consumed food is too high that it won’t digest in time and carry over to the next level. Now while it was testable for the purpose of breaking the game I admit, how often this would really occur if one plays the game normally is another matter.

Also a trick I noticed is if your on the last room of the level, nothing currently stops you from using the priestess to take all the accumulated weight from the other party members and stack it on her. That means when you reach the screen to extract weight, rather then have to pick and choose which to do, there is only one person you need to choose.

What I see happening as a result is people doing this for the purpose of training up their characters or making them all thin for the next level if they wish to do a speed run a level perhaps. I admit I have no thoughts on how to fix it but I figured it did not hurt to mention this.

All in all it is a fun piece to play and I wish you great success moving forward. Good luck.


Had an idea to encourage the time trial idea if interested but not sure how practical it would be after thinking on it or if it would be in the spirit of the project.

In order to discourage having people put all the weight on one character or from taking too long, maybe put a timer where if they don’t clear the area the party starts to lose weight at a flat rate. (If characters have no extra weight then the ones that do speed up by a related amount.) or something like that.

If this is not to people’s liking I am sorry but I was hoping to figure out a solution to something that I could see as game breaking otherwise.


Thanks for letting me know about this one.

I’m thinking of making the weight transfer for support abilities only affect undigested weight, to remove this exploit.

This might be a little heavy-handed, but I’ll consider it.


I figured the suggestion might be but I at least wanted to offer a solution instead of only problems even if the solution wasn’t used or liked in the end. If your able to only transfer the undigested value instead then that would probably be best.


To work with the abuse of the Priestess, here are a couple ideas, up to you if you think they work:

  1. When a character is completely empty of food, a “Minimum Weight” is attatched to them that is equal to or less than (By a small margine) their current weight, and if the Priestess tries to heal below the Minimum weight, the strength of her heal skill in weight is given to the target, and her skill strength is cut in half until either she gains a weight level, or the dungeon floor ends.

  2. If the Priestess is knocked out, her gathered weight might be reduced and redistributed to her allies or foes weakpoints.

  3. If the Priestess tries to heal past full and it would KO her, perhaps instead she and that person will swap weights, her clock might double when she is knocked out, her target or her might gain or lose with no source, or the other character might be given the heal ability instead.

  4. And lastly, as a counter to the abuse of the system, while all the powers currently increase with Weight Level, perhaps her heal starts at a high level, but drops with each Weight Level, so that at some point it’s just not as efficient to keep adding to her count, and possibly counter-productive.

On a separate note, a couple other ideas:

Perhaps not as a failstate, but as a sort of consequence for finishing a room with a party member at their biggest weight (Not the last room), they have to stay behind, due to size, and will only return after the last room.
This would prompt players to distribute the weight more, and also put emphasis on the result.

Again, just little ideas, hope some helped.


I think that you may be on to something. The increased KO timer for the priestess healing KO seems like a good idea at least if Bewildered Angel wants to do that. However I do not think that Bewildered Angel will do the last idea because if most of the party is already at high weights then I can see it leading to a game over after a point especially as you can only extract from one hero per level.


I kind of like the idea of weight transfer. Are you planning on making more abilities for the other characters? Maybe it could be something the witch could do?


Thank you, but I would prefer to solve the priestess heal exploit in a much simpler fashion.

In the future I’d like to do something like this.


It’s a minor update for ETD! Mostly I’m just fixing all the stuff I broke last week!


So, it seems like the main catch y’re having is a failstate.
Now, I ain’t a dev nor do I know the fist thing about coding. Hell, I’m a screenwriter. That said I do dabble on game design. In a very amateur manner, but I figure you may be very well able to use a hand.
The way I see it, you got several options for a failstate. You might be able to use one, some or all.

-On the one hand, you got the KO states once an adventurer eats too much. You could utilize those by causing a monster attack to permanently raise the fullness of a character, to the point where, eventually, even the smallest attack would auto KO that character. In that case, the Priestess would work a double function: Recharge cooldowns and clear that perma-fullness (or part of it), gaining the weight that has been cleared.
The failstate would happen once the full party is KO’d. The state of perma-fullness would be cleared after completing a stage, perhaps counting for the adventurer’s weight if you think it’d be appropriate.

-You also have the possibility of utilizing a traditional, run of the mill, healthbar and damage. It’s the less imaginative solution, but it’s also effective and efficient. In this case, the Priestess would reset cooldowns, heal and gain weight based on the amount healed.
Failstate would occur once every party member’s health reaches 0. At the end of a stage, all damage would be healed and all characters would be revived. Mid-stage revival could be handled by the Priestess at the cost of enough weight gain to considerably slow her cooldowns.

-The thrid alternative, rather inelegant in my opinion, is to use timers and/or thresholds. “A stage has to be completed in X amount of time” or “your adventurers weighing X or less amount”. I say it’s inelegant because this is the kind of system I’d use for unlocks (which sounds like there’s going to be), however, some devs have gotten away with far worse ideas if you ask me. The Priestess would have no change to her mechanics like this.
The failstate would happen if you fail to meet the objective, simple as that.

Ultimately, that’s what I can offer. That said, you’re the gamedev, so you probably know better than I do what player behavior do you want to reward. If not, I’d recommend you gave it a whirl, since that very question is the one behind failstates in most games and may help you more than anyone in this thread might.

In regards to the UI, it’s a mess. No biggie. Most games of this kind have extremely messy UI design, which is not a big surprise. For the moment, what’s there is good enough since the game is not complex enough to need more. Once it gets more features, and thus more complex, it’ll require more stuff. UI design is complicated as all hell, so I’d recommend you focus on polishing mechanics first and then worrying about UI.


Congrats on the promotion to curated projects!


Thank you, these first two sound really interesting to me, but right now I’m pretty confident about not having a fail state, and simply rewarding fast clear times. Once the timer is in I can re-evaluate the design again.

Thank you!!!


I’m sorry, I forgot to address this earlier. Which parts of the UI are messy to you?


Finally tried playing this game. It hits all the right buttons in my skinner box brain.

It looks like this design would work well with a touchscreen so I tried it on my tablet’s version of chrome. Unfortunately my tablet’s screen isn’t big enough, so whenever I try dragging from the warriors to the enemies to attack, the whole screen moves around.

For now, I’ll just stick with my computer and mouse, but if there was a way to play the game fullscreen it would really improve the experience.


Thank you. I need to go back and re-investigate mobile support sometime.


Minor Update! This is mostly just setting up the groundwork for more diversity in adventurer types for later!

Patch notes here:


Great I just became a $1 patron


So, about the last Update, maybe The Wich is op, because when you arrive to the boss, the last 3 rooms yo can deal 60+ damage, the last one you can deal 137 damage with bug (if you kill the yogurt-fruits-thing and you atack the dragon, you also atack the apple) and, just replaying that level five times. (sorry if my english is not the best)


Also, if you play other level, the witch will still digesting.