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Witch is like a food vortex now.


the witch: “get in mah belly”


Thank you!!!

Thanks for telling me about these bugs, I’ve found the cause and can fix it on Tuesday.



hm i was hope for buff to priestess… dunno why but she give remind of lucoa from dragon maid and lucoa is my fave.


Is it because of her design for some strange reason?


I know from look they almost look smiliar


The Priestess’s design was very inspired by Lucoa. I really like her design a lot.


A minor update! I threw in a new level because it sounded fun!

Read the patch notes here:


Will there be anymore levels in the next update, and will the girls get anymore fatter too as well? If they get some more fat artworks that is…


oh that explain alots


I’ll start adding more levels once the redesign is complete. I do want to add more fat levels but I don’t have a timeline for that yet.


It’s okay, I understand. Just take your time and don’t rush yourself okay?


I actually find the game least enjoyable since the need for level up metabolism and stomach capacity was introduced. I don’t think the solution may be going back to the old system, but it will be really nice that by reaching “overfullness” there was a chance to increase hunger or by leveling up stomach capacity give more than just one point.


The game is still fun for me to play, but it was a lot of fun to try and hit that maximum capacity just to power level your characters a little bit extra.

Perhaps it could be re-introduced in some sort of fashion, but have a bigger penalty for going over the limit, thus adding some extra level of strategy into the mix where you’ve got to choose whether to get extra points into your stomach capacity or beat the encounter (perhaps if you try to go for stomach capacity too much you won’t have time to eat certain enemies, like the ones that were recently introduced).


Of course, no problem!

Probably the best solution is to increase the speed at which metabolism and capacity level up with.

The risk/reward of going over capacity was fun. If I brought it back, maybe I’d tie it to only capacity not metabolism, or maybe I’d make it do another thing entirely.

Maybe fullness over capacity digests faster? So there’s incentive to stay just slightly over capacity to trigger faster digestions without getting KO’d.


Maybe fullness over capacity digests faster? So there’s incentive to stay just slightly over capacity to trigger faster digestions without getting KO’d.

That’d surely spice up the gameplay!

You could maybe even add an UI element that would indicate that you’ll go over the KO limit if you commit the attack (have a small icon/text box that shows up when you’re hovering over the enemy while dragging the attack).


No updates for the game, but there’s a new progress gif:

Also a post about changing up Patreon rewards:


I added the items that I previewed last week!


I’m definitely welcoming the addition of the new items, it adds a layer to the game that I feel takes it in the right direction. I’m gonna list some things that I think may improve the usability of them though, hopefully you don’t mind!

  1. The healing potion should maybe have an increased effect and longer cooldown, so that you don’t just mindlessly spam it on the party members that need it.

  2. I like the idea of having the small attack items to use while you’re waiting for your party members to get ready to attack again, but I almost didn’t wanna use them since that’d diminish the possible weight gain. Perhaps it could add a small amount of weight to everyone or the adventurers that have the corresponding attack type, without adding to their fullness.
    (This is ofcourse based on the levels that we have right now, I don’t know if I’ll feel the same way if there’s more pressure to finish the levels in the future.)

  3. Changing the favored food type for your adventurers for one attack is pretty neat! And changing the type of the enemy is really powerful, maybe it should replace the food type instead of adding another type to the list (or just do something simple like adding a long cool-down to use these sorts of items)?

Looking forward to the next update(s)!


I might do something like this?

I think you’re right, once timers are in and there’s greater incentive to finish levels quickly this problem will solve itself.

I keep going back and forth on whether or not enemies should have one food type, or multiple. I haven’t been able to form a solid argument either way. Once I decide that I’ll finalize food-type item behavior.

Thank you!!!