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Witch is like a food vortex now.


the witch: “get in mah belly”


Thank you!!!

Thanks for telling me about these bugs, I’ve found the cause and can fix it on Tuesday.



hm i was hope for buff to priestess… dunno why but she give remind of lucoa from dragon maid and lucoa is my fave.


Is it because of her design for some strange reason?


I know from look they almost look smiliar


The Priestess’s design was very inspired by Lucoa. I really like her design a lot.


A minor update! I threw in a new level because it sounded fun!

Read the patch notes here:


Will there be anymore levels in the next update, and will the girls get anymore fatter too as well? If they get some more fat artworks that is…


oh that explain alots


I’ll start adding more levels once the redesign is complete. I do want to add more fat levels but I don’t have a timeline for that yet.


It’s okay, I understand. Just take your time and don’t rush yourself okay?