Eat The Dungeon: Spicy Edition (WIP)

a small thing im working on to waste time without feeling like im actually wasting time

its not released yet, maybe sometime this week or next week?

v0.1 will include:

  • atleast 15 new levels
  • bunch of new enemies
  • spicy food type (also an item for it cuz no adventurer nornally likes spicy)
  • cutscenes (no fat npc art… yet.)

currently trying to make levels, what adventurers (excluding pure support) do you think are really underused?


I Love the idea Nice and Spicy :smiley:

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I think its cooooooooool

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Honestly the Illusionist doesn’t get much air time after her initial times to shine- her sheer area of attack is both freeing and limiting all at once so you kind of need to dedicate areas to her alone.

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well, she is pretty useful for the first boss of the mod already, but i might make another level for her just for the funny

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hrn? what is this? is this like a submod of the full game?

i mean kinda? i was having fun drawing enemy monsters so i decided to make them actually functional

also a somewhat important thing to note:
due to how enemy scaling works, enemies will have 33+ more defenses and damage than usual, which makes this mod pretty difficult. so uh good luck with that lol

current progress: making a new clear time calc for the new levels

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