Echoes from the Balloon Saloon

With the advent of Virtual Tabletop programs, the ability to add music and sound to your online play has been a brilliant way to help immerse your players in a realm of your creation.

Why not do the same for their waistlines as their burgeoning forms push out plates, strain leather, and snap belts?

Echoes from the Balloon Saloon is a soundpack for tabletop roleplay that adds in various intensities of Inflation, Weight Gain, and Muscle growth ambiance. Hear your characters struggle with their size, and even put some oomph to expansive attacks.

Available now, for free, from Devteam Drifter!


Some of the .ogg are higher quality than mp3 but some of the .ogg have their high frequency(>15k) cut-off.

Just wondering if there was a mistake in the audio exporting?

This was an excellent catch. Our devs were busy for the past week or so, and this has just come to our attention. We will be putting out new files soon.

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Thank you for your patience! The files have been updated without the conversion artifacting and export errors. Thank you again for catching this, and helping us make bigger and better projects.

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