ED&D Character Stat Tracker and Notes

The isn’t really a TTRPG Tools Category so Systems and Games it is.

I made a Character Sheet Tracker for ED&D for my DM and thought I would share with everyone else, it is windows only, Mac has made it too hard to make stuff for as of late, and you can find the Saved Data in your AppData/Roaming/Godot/app_userdata/Ed&d Tracker

Here is the link: ED&D Character Tracker by CystalCore


When I went to download, it immediately flagged as a virus. Any clue as to why? Not accusing in any way, I’m confused as hell myself. I’ve downloaded hundreds of zipped folders, FROM ITCH.IO EVEN, and this one seemed to be the straw that broke my virus detection’s back.

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Because it is a .exe in a zip folder, made in godot, and I didn’t sign it with anything.
it isn’t a virus I wouldn’t want to ruin my reputation like that, it could also depend on your anti virus, windows defender is good enough, but eh.
Only thought is that I made it just a basic export with no Version Data or Company/Publisher Data baked in.

Oddly enough it did the same for me.

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I updated the file and it seems to work fine now
no idea what was up with it before

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