Editor Wanted (FILLED)

Hail mary attempt at getting somebody on my project. It’s kind of a nightmare to handle alone so I would like somebody who I can bounce ideas/feedback off of and do QA testing with.

Game here: Prelude to Enormity by NoRefundGames

You wouldn’t have to code or write any scenes, just help guide the direction of the project.

You can enter/exit at any time. I can’t promise money, but any donations that come in you will get a revenue split from. Want to say 50/50, but that would mean you would have to be dedicated. Already written 40k words, so there’s a pretty solid picture of what’s expected, I think. If this fails will ride solo I guess lol.

If you are interested please DM me.

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I might be interested. I’d DM, but your profile is set to private.

Where would communication happen? On Discord?

Unprivated. Sorry, I found someone to fill the position already. Thank you for your interest though.