Edutainment + expansion?

My mom likes to watch Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune every night & it got me thinking “what if we made a sort of quiz video game where instead of money, the contestants got fatter with every correct answer?” Then I kinda thought about how the older we get, the more our minds start to dull & looking at how dumb people are these days, I thought “What about a game that helps train the mind with expanding women (or men, if you’re into that) as a reward?” It’s possible some people have made these kinds of games, but I think it’d be neat to have a game where one can sharpen their mind with questions about history, science, etc. & every correct answer makes the onscreen character expand more & more.

I have to go now so I can’t get into details right now, but I plan to detail how a theoretical game may function later. for now, thank you for your time & God bless!


my mind went towards something like big brain academy rather than trivia questions. though you could probably do both

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this is an interesting idea