Element-Bending Game

 Alright, so I've been inspired to create a game on here. I'd like to get some community feedback on it before I get underway. Keep in mind that there's no guarantee this will come to fruition. I have a really bad habit of getting too excited for something only to burn myself out on it. On top of that, I'll be in classes for about another month and finals are coming up, so I won't have a whole lot of time to work on it in that time. 
  For starters, it will be an RPG Maker game. I got RPG Maker because it's something I've been thinking of using to practice making games for a while already, so I figured I might as well. Here's the idea behind it (what I have planned so far, at least):
  • Element-bending-centric game with weight gain mechanic (think Avatar: Last Airbender, but with weight gain).
  • Using elemental powers burns fat quickly
    • Fire burns it quickest; fire beats water
    • Earth is second; earth beats air
    • Air is third; air beats earth
    • Water burns it slowest; water beats fire
    • All elements resist themselves
  • Waterbending still burns fat faster than physical exercise and healthy food
  • Each element also has a strong stat and a weak stat.
    • Fire has higher attack, but lower HP
    • Earth has higher defense, but lower speed
    • Air has higher speed, but lower defense
    • Water has higher HP, but lower attack
  • Choosing an element isn’t mandatory, but not having one makes fights against element-benders a lot more difficult; to compensate, weapons and armor provide an extra bonus to their stat if the wearer doesn’t bend elements
  • Unhealthy food = weight gain; healthy food = weight loss (unless in excess)
  • Can choose gender of main character, but they won’t be customizable
  • Fat gives natural resistance to the elements and slightly boosts health and defense at the cost of speed (both in and out of battle)

Keep in mind these are subject to change based on how difficult I find it to implement these. But let me know what you think regardless! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Added stat changes between elements.


Interesting a bit like Vale City where you need to be fat to do special attacks (though I want to customize to at least where the weight goes to mainly when the character gets fat).

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Sorry, I saw your comment several times already, but I only just now thought “I should probably respond to that” lol

I would love to be able to choose how the fat is distributed on the main character, and it’s not completely off the table. It’s just that this is my first time using RPG Maker AND my first time creating sprites, so I’m trying to avoid making things too complicated. My main problem with the player choosing fat distribution is that I would have to create several more forms of sprites for the male and female characters. For example, for the female they could choose boobs, belly, or butt as their main fat storing location, or they could choose hourglass, apple, pear, even dis., etc. and sprites would need to be created for each option. Then for guys, there’s moobs, belly, and butt as well. And there’s probably even more to it, but fat guys isn’t exactly where my interest lies, so I don’t know the terminology or if there even is, in fact, more to it. That’s something I think I’d have to ask the community here if I do decide to do that.

tl;dr: For now, the option of choosing weight distribution is not impossible, but I wouldn’t really count on it.

I realise you may not be able to do this idea either but I was thinking that maybe the elements could be tied to the body type, and the different food could contribute to parts of the body.

For example: eating chicken would give 2 belly points and 6 boob points, boob points would be spent on air magic and belly points would be spent on water.

this is a cool concept.