Emergency Comissions

Hey folks, its harpow!

Im currently working on commissions and game projects for this sit, but due to school payments and a bunch of other debts i have to deal with, Im currently opening quick emergency commissions.

7 slots are available with the following rates:

Flat Bust:$35
Flat Full:$45
Full Render Bust$50
Full Render Full Body:$65
If youre looking game sprites or tabletop art content im happy to work out a set payment that works for both of us

some art to use as an example

more examples on my media
NEWGROUNDS: harpow.newgrounds.com
Twitter: https://x.com/HarpowAfterDark/status/1783631680160268601

sharing and inquiries of any kind are super appreciated, it helpes me get through college and motivates me to get off my lazy ass to do more content for this site lol