Emulation Support?

Lately, I’ve been into bootleg consoles. I don’t know why, I just find emulating from wacky/random devices very exciting. Recently, I just ordered and received a RG353V and fell in love with it immediately. As I started playing it, I soon realized the program (Anbernic) it runs with is mostly/fully customizable. This colored me interested in the different possibilities of the tech. What else could this run?

But what excited me further was if I could emulate .exe files on it and play games downloaded from this website. However, I’m not sure if converting exe > rom is possible.

All information that’s provided is helpful!

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from reading the amazon page it said that it has both an android and linux os. if that is true then it should be fairly simple to run windows games with wine

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I thought the title said Emotional Support for a second lmao


It would be really fun to see a sort of “cursed game” that only runs on bootleg consoles! It would definitely add to the mystery and potential horror of a .exe-like fat fetish game