Enemies Will Fatten You (Starbound Mod)

I’ve created a mod any enemies found in Starbound that inflict damage through body contact will instead fatten you! This allows you to playthrough the entirety of Starbound with your sole objective is to avoid becoming immobile.

For those that attack with projectiles (ex. bullets), they will still inflict regular damage - with the exception of bosses (a majority of them at the least).

I recommend playing this with the food value set to no more than 0.4 as any higher and the game becomes unplayable. Other than that, do what you want with this mod.

This is my first ever mod (and was done in a couple of hours) and it requires the original Big Fatties mod to be installed and is compatible with all the other mods, but if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, comment them and I’ll think about doing it.

MEGA: Fattening Enemies Mod


this would work well with the popping mod

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This is a very cool mod, when hit by enemies does the character physically appear bigger as well? or does the movement just slow? Also which is the original Big Fatties mod?

the enemies do actually fill you up.