enemy / monster ideas that are trash and dumb

ok uhh- here are some very trash ideas:

  • ice cream mecha: basically a ice cream truck transformer that shoots icecream at you
  • hungry miltank: a miltank that will inhale you and swallow you whole then (depending on the vore settings) try to digest you
  • feeder miltank: the same thing but will fatten you and is unable to digest you
  • cakemen: humanoid (and kamikaze-like) cakes that divebomb into your mouth and throws chunks of themselves at you
    -feral shoggoloth + slime people: shoots beams of slime at you and loose health as they attack you
    -honeydove (boss): a giant drone armed with honey spitting hoses and a few other attacks
    -chocoling / lardling: inklings that are trapped in squid form and will spit thier ink at you
    -lil’ heliuM’O: a anthro red air tank with a microphone that spits (literally) note shaped air at you (also 2 rare ver. 1. one that spits water and is blue and 2. one that dosent inflate you at all, is harmless, and looks like boyfriend.xml from fnf)

(yes i know these are dumb ideas and concepts, i told myself that tbh)

feel free to mod these in and make them look the way you want


these ideas are dumb lol

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A giant furious cow ! :cow:
She make head/skull attacks, can trample the player when rushing, Sometime have milk distance attacks and sometime again lays on the side and call calves, they feed on the giant cow who is in a reduced damage/not vulnerable state. :cow2:
The goal is to attacks calves before they finish to feed, if not they become a threat in more of the main boss.


n i c e

but fr tho- this is better than my ideas

A gigantic anthropomorphic whale boss fight with multiple phases where you have to attack multiple key points to wittle it’s health down whilst being bombarded by white ““water”” streams and other “smaller” fish which are like the small fishies that stick to a whale’s back and clean it. Eventually this boss will have a straight forward jumping chomp/smash attack, going over it is basicly not possible so either get smashed or go inside the boss and fight the insides Bowser’s inside story style. If victorious the player will escape the boss’ insides and render it completely helpless to any attacks anywhere, if the player loses at any point some new death animations would be cool but this is already asking much.


A fat clown that attacks slowly at first to trick you, then when they finally start moving are a lot faster than expected. They also throw pies that heal you, but fatten you and slow you down to make you vunerable to their next attack. They also have a squirt flower attack, which you would think would inflate, but it only damages you.

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giant trash mecha in space that spawns lotsa lard liquid and/or spagetti~