Enlarging Escapades: WG Themed Tabletop RPG

Enlarging Escapades (can be referred to as EE) will be my project into making and developing a Weight Gain/Inflation tabletop pen and paper RPG, preferably not played with the family (unless they’re okay with that).

This will be the link leading to the main folder that will hold all of the files for EE.

The game’s primary focuses will be on the Weight Gain/Inflation and Spell mechanics. In addition, I plan on making a sheet with varying rolls for solo or randomized play. That way, people who want to try the game, but lack the means of gathering a group or having time set aside, can still play the game and have it feel meaningful.

Finally, this link will be a public “wall” of comments or feedback. You can comment on the wall or here on the forum itself.

Update 9/29/2019: Finished the last talent tree post-birthday. That is the best gift of all so far. If you haven’t seen the Notes, I’m gonna be working on Monsters next, one step closer to real playtesting. I don’t think I’ll make a ton of them, but I will make enough for the purpose of testing.

Update: 10/7/19: I finished making a basic Charactersheet for the game!
Anon: But Pear! Didn’t you say you were gonna work on Monsters next?

Well, I was. But then I realized I had a poor sense of scale for each level. SO instead I’m gonna have to go through and make a bunch of blank characters that are just pure stats. And I need a clear way to do that. So there you go, a charactersheet. I’ll make a nicer one if I need to and then make a non-excel version in the future.


I want to apologize for coming out with this so late. I had a very emotional two weeks with pets passing away (one very young and one very old). What I have completed is what I will show, but more will be developed as time goes on.


I’m always curious to look at table top rule systems - they are much more open than computer games (even if the source is available, finding the underlying rules is often not straightforward) - and find them inspirational in my own work. I don’t often get to play them as time zones usually make online groups difficult for me to join, so the idea of a single player system is definitely interesting too.

Sorry to hear about your pets - family comes first, so don’t worry about any minor delays here.

Ah, sorry to hear about the pets. Hope you can recover from the loss, and keep on going.

No critiques or questions about the game, itself, yet, though. I only had enough time to come in and post this message.

no worries about all of this :slight_smile: if only i had knew about that system before! (currently reading)

Even if i would like to be a player of one such game more than anything, i would be willing to try and host a game of either a previous fetish oriented campaign i had done in open legend or something entirely new.

With the Spell Creation Process complete, I can finally turn my attention to Equipment Mechanics, make a few Talent Trees, and then finish the other odds and ends. Gonna leave a Strawpoll here for some future planning for the other content of EE:WG.

That site- strawpoll- gave me a popup encouraging I download some malware.

A few things I noticed in your documents.

  1. In Mechanics, attacks are described as “weapon die plus attack rating” but below that you have " On a d20 roll of exactly 20, the Attack is a Critical Hit, ignoring Block/Dodge." Because I’m familiar with D20 systems/ DnD-alikes, I assume you intend for there to be a d20 attack roll, however you haven’t mentioned this anywhere in the document.

  2. You’ve described Thighs as " The lower parts of a character’s legs." Likely in contrast to your description of Hips and Rear as " The upper parts of a character’s legs." However the thighs are defined as " the part of a leg between the hip and the knee", which should still be considered part of the upper leg imo. The calf is below the knee, if you want to change the term to match the definition- though I doubt most people are interested in fat lower legs (cankles, or whatever).

  3. While I can infer that you want to roll a d20 for skillchecks similarly to attack rolls as in other games, nowhere in the document is skill resolution described. Also, how stats relate to skills aren’t described. " Your base Stats (Might, Endurance, Agility, and Mind) can also be used for any proper Skill Check you would use them for." Does this mean you can substitute the stat for the skill when you lack the skill, add the stat to the skill in all rolls of that skill, or that simple “Stat Checks” exist?

  4. Elsewhere you’ve stated that you want to make the game in such a way that gaining weight is rewarding to the player, the MpS chart runs counter to this design as it punishes characters that focus on Agility/Dodge and rewards End/Block builds. This is fine, and entirely reasonable, but it’s a disconnect from what you’ve said earlier.

  1. Critical Hits were kinda just…thrown in? I didn’t think of the logic behind it yet, nor is that properly in place. I’ll figure out the direction I’ll take it once I finish all of the Weapons and Armor statistics.

  2. Noted. I’ll make the change when I can. It was mostly filler text in the moment to get the idea out.

  3. Resolution was kinda implied, but I can definitely clear that up. And what I meant with " Your base Stats (Might, Endurance, Agility, and Mind) can also be used for any proper Skill Check you would use them for. " was just a poor way of saying your Base Stats are Skills too, so you can do things like use Might to break down a door or Endurance to test how long you can hold your breath, and so on.

  4. Either I make gaining weight have no logic whatsoever (in which case you can be as fat as you want without detriment to your speed) or make some light punishment that is only meant to follow standard logic. I have thought about lowering the Agility loss, but that depends on how high stats are gonna be once I do more full on testing. This is partly why Block cannot fully negate all damage taken, as it WOULD make End/Block builds better, and as of right now, they are fairly close in strength if it wasn’t for the high weight Agility loss. I plan on making some Talent Tree bonuses where you ignore this loss (particularly in Rogue and Monk, once they are made).

Bit off-topic but I’d probably give your PC a thorough scan with malwarebytes and/or some other anti-virus, because if you’re getting malicious popups by going to a site like StrawPoll it sounds like your PC is already infected.

No worries, it was on Android, and I’ve just checked again, scanned, and all that. My best guess is it was just one bad ad from the rotating ad service strawpoll uses.

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It’s a lot to manage and when you write it down- you know what you know but you overlook things because you either assume you’ve already written it or it doesn’t occur to you to state it, and it’s a work in progress, of course. I understand where you’re coming from with this. Right now I’m teaching Shadowrun 5e and Blades in the Dark to a bunch of new players so I’m encountering something similar and am sensitive to rules systems being explicit. Once you’ve gotten everything you want down, I highly recommend writing up some thorough examples to show each mechanic. Maybe even a sample adventure so you can show “the big picture” of how the game is intended to be played.

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Very neat system here, I see potential. I do have a few questions about the spell system, however.

  1. No matter what, it there a minimum MP/CP you must have with each spell? For instance, if a spell costed 6 MP, and you took Self Weaken as an extra effect on the spell, it would total up to -4 MP. Obviously you don’t regenerate the mana, but does it cost 0 MP or 1?

  2. For ‘Roll Damage’ on the Aggressive table, are you able to increase it’s effect as is, or only able to upgrade the die? For example, let’s say I want do deal 3d6 with a spell, so at base it costs 12 MP and 6 CP. Coupled with Self Weaken, and I now have a spell that can deal 3d6 for 2 MP and 9 CP at level 1, which applies a menial debuff to myself without much consequence. Is this how that works?

  3. What is the stance on polymorph? Does it get removed upon damage, such as like Sleep? Or could you continue to damage them in that state without breaking the polymorph? While polymorphed, is there a way to negate it other than waiting for a party member to Cleanse you? Perhaps it works like Warcraft, where they rapidly regain HP/are immune to damage while polymorphed?

Lots of great questions. I don’t have all of the answers right now.

I think I mentioned it in the page, a Spell has to cost at minimum 1 MP. Either that or I have it set up so that you can’t go below 1 MP. I don’t quite remember.

Everything else is a bit blank. I wouldn’t say Magic is quite set in stone yet, I just threw ideas on to a page and tried to play with it from there. Now that I know what to do, I’ll revamp and alter the entire system once I get around to it. Life is busy at the moment so I can’t dive into it right now. However, you do provide me with a lot of ideas I want to use, so thank you.

Hey @PearsizedOverload! It seems like a lot was added a lot of stuff since then!

I would be planing to do a run of your system in it’s infancy using a campaign i made a little while ago.
That or plan something entirely new for a group of friends.

even If the talent tree is not completed it’s alright, has i can either improvise themed talents or replace these with boost to skills/stats.

to summerize the campaign: an alternate universe in which one’s size determine his status, a group of low weight adventurer stuble upon an ancient food reserve, but it’s security system is still active (somewhat).Their goal is to hopefully aquire the bulk to better fit a greater status

Assuming i haven’t just lost all my notes, the campaign was about 5-7 session long.
It is a lot more steam-punk in nature, so species and starting weight/hight might be modified if we wish to be closer to my original idea.

This could become a module for people wanting to try your system if it fits well enough :wink:
Have a great day!

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That’s really exciting to hear! I’d love as much feedback as you’d be willing to offer. I have no idea how to process the happiness I feel reading this. Thank you so much for giving it a try.

how do i play the game

It’s not a digital game, it’s a table top game like DnD or Shadowrun or something else. You’d play it in the same way as those. If you’re not sure what that looks like, you can check out the show Critical Role or a bunch of other great dnd shows.

oh that makes sence thank you