Enthralled - An interactive story about a hedonistic vampire and his servants

Hey all! Jarby here - long-time lurker, first-time poster. I recently finished a Twine game I’ve been working on, and I figured here would be a good place to share it:

Enthralled is a gay adult (18+) interactive story where you play the role of Four, an extremely obese fox who has broken free of his captor’s hypnotic spell at a very steep cost: his memories. Will you be able to escape before your former master wakes up? Or will you be forced to submit to his influence once again?

  • Explore the home of your captor, the hedonistic vampire bat Jarby.
  • Meet a colorful cast of thralls, each their own distinctive brand of brainwashed.
  • 12 unique endings to discover!
  • Over 55,000 words across more than 275 passages.
  • You can pet the dog!

Please note that Enthralled contains dark themes (violence, identity death) and kinks that aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (immobility, musk, mind control).

Some screenshots!


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This game fucks hard :fire:

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Thank you, glad you like it!

Welcome! Yet another new user bringing a fresh new project to the table. Ya love to see it!

Here’s hoping you take the water well!


Great game! I have got all of the 12 endings and throughout the game I rly enjoyed it :3

Will you be adding more endings into the game? Because SPOILERS:

None of the ending seems like a good ending to me xwx, the worst fate is probably our fiancée who can only be discover at the end of their fate, so I hope to see more endings here and there! And maybe the best ending where you are finally in charge and fatten up everryone in the mansion (≧▽≦)

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Great job finding all of the endings, and thank you for playing! :heart:

It was intentional that even the better endings are flawed - either you’re giving something up or there’s more difficulty to come. It’s a horny game, but not a happy game lol

​I’d like to go back and add some additional endings in the future, including one where you can take control. Though even an ending like that won’t be perfect!

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Despite the themes/kinks in this being very much not being my cup of tea, the quality of the writing + the polish on the UI are undeniable :slight_smile:


Thank you! I appreciate you giving it shot anyways!

this is fun as hell actually i love it. i quickly stopped playing this for horny reasons and i think i spent like an hour unlocking all the endings purely because of how interested i was in all of the characters. like the commenter above other than wg obviously im really not into any of the kinks in this game but it was so well written that it didnt matter, i read it more like a horror/thriller if that makes sense

my favorite character was dillon the moment i talked to him but i love how adam’s written too. seeing everyones alternate endings is easily the funnest part of the game. im going to be talking about some of the endings which is why there’s an entire chunk of spoilered text below

i think my favorite ending would easily have to be derek’s ending (ending 10 iirc). it recontextualises everything while being so god damn morbid on its own i love it. i like how even the ‘good’ endings where jack escapes are all clearly fucked up in their own way, but additionally knowing that derek’s stuck down there makes them all 10x worse. they either both remember and can do nothing about it or they both blissfully forget (although in some of the endings its implied that eventually jack might remember). and at that point you know why jack made that syringe in the first place its just… ohh my god. im honestly glad i did that ending last

i love adam’s alt ending, also dillon’s endings (obviously) too. once again i love how adam’s written, rocky’s alt ending vs how he acts majority of the time is astounding. speaking of that ending i think thats one of my favorites too, theres such a palpable sense of dread in it. anyway i think, as i predicted which is why i left it the second-to-last ending for me, adam’s alt ending has almost a sense of catharsis to it in some way even if its kind of doomed. adam’s finally free and yet he still wants to go back and save luther, which at this point is completely hopeless and has no good ending. its super interesting too how that contrasts with jack and his fiance (which once again! is still trapped with jarby!)

anyway im almost mad how much im attached to the characters in this. im going to have thoughts about this game and its themes for awhile, i’d love to see more additional endings if you make them


Adding a comment as well, just to first say its an amazing work you got here. The amount of content is very good and you have a great system of knowing what to say or choose what to do to influence the outcomes, that makes it feel impactful and it affects the characters , making them feel different from each other and makes you want to know more. I also have to say im more of a sucker for goody endings but i think you should keep your artistic vision as it is if its your preference. I think i got 11 endings out of 12, so i will type the ones i have in spoiler and ask if you could tell what am i missing.

Got 6 people with Syringe : Fiancee and all the 5 thralls; The Thral ending for 4 people without the pig; and the moo ending that i think it counts

One final thing, the thing with the bathroom with a scale and mirror, did make me think at first that there would be a progressive system where you would gain weight and you could go there to get more descriptions, so i went really hard with Adam to try and get the most variations i could to see a difference, sadly there wasnt but made me enjoy his stuff the most as it the thing i link myself more to. If you ever decide to create something else in the future i hope you keep wg elements as it was delicious to read.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! It really makes my day when folks who aren’t into the niche/darker stuff are still able to enjoy the writing and characters. The game is technically porn, but it can definitely be engaged with as a horror story.

All of the thralls were really fun to develop and write, but Dillon’s also my favorite. I had his endings (and Derek’s) planned out before I even started writing lol

I’m gonna take a break from writing for a bit, but I’d like to come back to the game and add at least a few more endings at some point. I have an idea for one involving the statuette in the safe and demonic possession, which I think will be really fun.

Thanks again for playing! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’m glad the characters felt distinct - it was my first go at writing game dialogue and it took a while to get it feeling right lol

It sounds like you’re just missing Throckmorton’s ending, then. Once you have the syringe, either call 911 from the phone or try to leave the house by foot. From there, you’ll see another option appear once you run into Throcky.

That’s a good point - I hadn’t considered that the scale and mirror would give the expectation of weight gain, but a lot of other games like this feature weight gain so that makes sense. Sorry about the confusion there! If I make another game, there will absolutely be weight gain, but for my first Twine game I didn’t want to have to worry about managing alternate text depending on the player’s current weight.


Thinking about it a fun bitter sweet ending could be if Derek and Jack are still a couple but totally under Jarby’s control. Their relationship would be useful to him as they won’t leave each other giving him a two for one deal. I don’t know I just think the idea of both of them still caring about each other while in Jarby’s care adorable.


Thanks for playing! That’s actually pretty similar to a more hopeful extension of the Derek ending that another writer posted to FA a while back - you might wanna check it out!

Wholesome stuff is usually more my jam but i was really invested in your world building. Would love to see what else you cook up in the future.


Easily one of the best written Twine games I’ve played! The characters are all fleshed out (metaphorically, but also literally) in a way that makes each of their endings satisfying. I was really surprised how much the darker endings gripped me. Particularly Rocky / Luther’s syringe ending, the way Adam just snaps and even when you think you’re getting saved by Luther’s last cognizant thought at the last moment and it only becomes worse is horrifying. In a good way. That, and I’m a degenerate who enjoyed all the darker and grosser fetish themes too. Webster was particularly fun for that.


Thank you so much! I put a lot of effort into making the characters interesting and distinct, so I’m really glad to hear that came through!

Of all 12 endings, that one probably hurt the most to write - even moreso than Derek’s. Adam and Rocky come from a story I wrote years ago, where Luther is made into Rocky. Web’s in there, too, but honestly I forgot about that until I was halfway through writing his dialogue lol

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yo I gotta say this is some top tier stuff, it really explores the setting to it’s fullest potential but yes I must agree I’m really looking forward to those other two ending ideas. I thought they might be one and the same while playing.

Is there an in-game explanation for why Jarby is so round? he’s described as having an almost “inflated” look, as someone big on puffy stuff I’m very curious to find the answer to that one :3

Thank you, glad you liked it!! :heart:

Jarby’s body descriptions are inspired by my own fat. I can’t help but envy my friends’ soft, doughy bellies - I’ve got a firm, ball-shaped beer belly, and I don’t even like beer!

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