Escape the W.I.T.C.H. (Weight Induced Testing and Chemical Health)

This is a weight gain and inflation story I am making on Twine. You are trapped in a facility that tests weight and inflation-related chemicals. Will you comply with their orders or will you try and escape? This will almost entirely focus on male stuff with some sexual content. (You can choose not to see the content when it appears.)

It features slow weight gain and slow inflation. There will be detailed descriptions of what the facility is doing to you and hopefully quite a few different endings you can get.

Currently, there are only a few endings but I’m working on writing way more. Three major endings have been completed so far as well as a few game overs.

Let me know if you find any bugs or spelling errors or if you want to give feedback on the game.

Version 1: 391 KB file on MEGA
Version 2: 421.6 KB file on MEGA
Version 3: 429.3 KB file on MEGA
Version 4: 446.8 KB file on MEGA


The initial escape attempt path leads to an unfinished “right click to edit” message. Actually, both do. I didn’t expect it to be this short for now.


It’s still fairly short right now. I uploaded it as more of a proof of concept than a finished game. Once I’ve written a bit more, which shouldn’t be long, I will update it and there will be more to play then. Hope this clears things up.

The game has had a major content update. Feel free to let me know what you think of it.

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Uncertain as to whether or not it’s intentional at the moment, however if you take the weight gain route, trying to escape will result in the game saying that the blueberry vials are still affecting you, despite not ingesting any of said vials.

There seems to be another bug as well, where if you take both the blue vial, and the keycard, you’re unable to escape from the building.

The white vial doesn’t seem to do anything either, but I assume that is simply due to it not being implemented yet?

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I’ve found the first bug and have fixed it for the next update, the second bug I’m not sure I can fix but as long as you don’t pick up the vial, or you drink it before escaping the bug shouldn’t happen.

The white vial only works if you have drank a blue vial.

Just tested myself andI tried drinking the extra vial for the blueberry run, I’ve tried not drinking extra vial on the blueberry run, and I’ve tried drinking the extra vial on the weight gain run, and the white vial still does nothing.

How does one do the wg ending

the keycard doesn’t seem to work

will there be a female version added? just at any time in the future?

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