Esther and the Magical Space Feast

It is I, Odi, and this is my first game. It’s a thing I made in about a day so don’t expect it to be super good. It’s also short, though there are 6 endings. It’s about a space pilot named Esther, and after experiencing a bright flash of light food stuffs start appearing on her ship, hence the magic. It’s a twine.
Anyway, I’m tired, so I’m gonna go take a nap.
Edit: Forgot to enable scroll bars. Should work on phone now.


Well, crud. I’m on my phone, and the game won’t scroll at all. I can’t interact with anything except the word “Esther.”

It doesn’t scroll on PC either. It’s also… Very small. I don’t know how the default settings of this twine thing work, but this happened to another submission recently, so it might be a weird setting.

Well if you click the expand box located in the bottom right corner you can see the entire page, though it is weird it is unable to scroll.

Edit: Hmm if the page is big enough you may not be able to click any of the options, a bit worrying.