Well this sucks! I made this LAST November as a Patreon-exclusive and forgot I was going to release it publically for Thanksgiving this year!
Hope I didn’t miss the relevence window by too much!!


Play as Gamgam, the greatest chef and the biggest freedom stan in her entire made-up-name eastern-european country in a tiny adventure game with time managagement elements!

Will you save Thanksgiving and your granddaughter-in-law’s soul??

I was going to do a quick bug-fixing pass before it’s public release! This! Has not happened! Please let me know what’s broken :v


Tried to feed her before the beer bloat went down, and this happened. So there’s one report!

Is it just me, or is there someone else who is unable to feed Katja ? I can pick up dishes and all just fine, but I can’t seem to feed her.

It’s so buggy to be honest.
I can’t quit to menu if hands are not free.
I got from oven 2 turkeys some way. At that time I had 3 potatoes, so after that they disapeared, ane the dialogue about raw potatoes became looped.

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just beat the game! as a tip i have for you, beer might apply a timer where no food can be eaten, it can be useful for waiting out cooking timers or for running to the kitchen for food you have prepped