ExpanD&D Player Character ideas?

Hi! Does anybody have good player character ideas for an ExpanD&D?
It can be any kind of character, I’m just curious about other people’s ideas.

Well, I plan to play a Blue Dragonborn Path of Predator Barbarian, but giving her an Aztec flair, having her be a personal guard of a priest of a cult, but was taken by a conquering empire, and now works for them.

Never got around to actually going through with the campaign. I planned on playing a Half Elf Blood Hunter, Path of the Liposanguinor. Basically she was abandoned by her parents (as far as she knows) and was forced to live on the streets. Always hungry and wishing she had food. She despised those fat nobles walking down the streets and any others who ate their fill and didn’t spread any of it around. Overly simplified, an old homeless man seemed to understand her anger and essentially asked “If you could teach those nobles a lesson and help others, would you?” she basically goes “Fuck yeah old man” and after getting trained she gets afflicted by the curse. Seeking to spread the fat around. Giving it to those who are starving and completely taking it away from those who care not for the people without food until there’s nothing left. She maaaaaaay or may not be low key addicted to sucking blood though. B-But that’s besides the point!

I’m currently playing a more support focused Sorcerer, using the Adiposean origin. I really like the way it allows you to use your weight as a resource. I’m planning to take the Glutton prestige class on my next level.

I really want to play a gelatinfolk fleshbound adept. I don’t really remember why, but at one point i was absurdly obsessed with making and/or playing one. I ended up playing a bard instead, to fill out the party better, but the dream remains.