ExpanD&D - Weight Gain & Vore Server Hub

A D&D 5e server hub! We already have 100+ members, and welcome people with all sorts of different likings. Humans? Check. Furries? Check. Vore? Check. And of course, weight gain! Come along if ye interested.

This server hosts multiple different campaigns, covering different likings, themes and tones! There’s a little something for everyone, as this place acts as a hub for all sorts of things.

As a side note: We’re always happy to take on new Game Masters!


Can people join in even if they have never played D&D? It sounds fun but I have never tried it out before

Of course! Come say hello!

Yeah! There’s no worries about it. I’m looking to accomodate even new players in here! Since I understand the majority of the people on this site don’t really use tabletop stuff too much.

We’re actually looking for players again! We have a one shot in need of players; feel free to join in for it!

Do you think anyone will ever make a weight gain RPG for a better TTRPG? For example, something that uses percentile instead?

I mean, you could do it if you’re so interested. The forum is open for anyone to make posts, and it’s not that hard to create a server on Discord as far as I know. Everyone in that server likes D&D, at least a little bit, so I don’t see any of them leaving because one person out there in the world wants a server for another TTRPG.

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Exactly this. I wouldn’t want to go and try to learn another TTRPG anywho – D&D is enough for me, and essentially speaking, 5e is one of the easiest TTRPGs for people to get in to. When talking about the majority of people, most haven’t played more than a few sessions of D&D, which is why we play the nice and simple 5e, and people who have played, have their knowledge carry over.

Using a more obscure system is just not ideal and I won’t be doing it.

D&D is okay, but I like diversity in my TTRPGs. I’d jump at the prospect of a server catering to the whole spectrum of TTRPGs and helped people develop playable rulesets for them.

There are plenty of systems out there that I wouldn’t call ‘obscure’ or harder to pick up than D&D (if you ignore the sheer volume of online guides and brand exposure). The problem is doing the legwork to make WG-themed homebrew content or building on what others have written. If you build it, they will come, etc.

Well, our active group on the server isn’t so big that we can just start doing that. Besides that, that not so big group we have is filled with new players that can barely comprehend D&D 5e let alone other systems. What you’re doing is asking a lot of work from a group that didn’t have that objective in the first place.

With that said, I’d be okay if you decided to join and started help in doing that thing, but you can’t expect us to start doing it because it’s what you want us to do.

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Do these weight gain D&D games tend to be oneshots/super short campaigns or are there some campaigns with normal-ish length?
+Are there any DMs who would be interested in running a SLOW weight gain / weight loss campaign? The fact that characters can almost instantly loose or gain a ton of weight is not really my thing, I prefer when it happens slowly.

We have a balance of both. Most games are proper campaigns; weight gain is generally speaking, slow, if you intend for it to be. Honestly though? Working with your DM about these things would be ideal! I can’t speak for every single DM in our server since we all do different things.

My campaign for example, only uses the ExpanD&D homebrew, but doesn’t integrate any of its content in to the world; it’s a more bog standard D&D game than anything, and you gain weight at your own pace.

A reminder that this server is still going strong! Feel free to join at any time. We welcome players who are completely new to D&D!

New DMs always appreciated, too!

I don’t know how often I would be on, but I would join. I have played dnd before (sadly with no actual WG aspects), but I often just don’t have time. I wouldn’t mind getting to hear about everyone elses stories, and chilling in the text chats sometimes.

We continue to have the server running and open! Recently, we reformatted and cleaned up the look of the server, to make it more accessible! These changes make it much easier for you to share any ideas and suggestions you have, whether it be for the server or our homebrew!

Check it out!

What do you think of the server so far?