Expand&d:what class should I play?

What’s a good class for a person who wants their character to only get fat? I’m thinking of the monk with the sated fist subclass.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘only get fat’. Are you saying that you don’t want them to have more estoric abilities (like forcefeeding, or whatever), or that you’re mostly concerned with gaining as much weight as quickly as possible?
If the latter, then you might be better off relying on one of the barbarian classes. The classes reliance on a high Con score makes them good at eating/overeating, and the path of the predator in particular will never be short of a quick meal.

I was reading the rules and stuff and you only gain muscle if you have points in strength so I was thinking of a more Dex based character. Could I make a Dex based barbarian? Also what I meant was which class will help my character get fat faster or not have abilities that cause them to lose weight.

I would say that you should go for an Adiposean Sorcerer, Path of Crushing Flesh barbarian or a Battle Chef Fighter. Most classes are good for gaining weight though. If you’re using the “Adipea Edits” I would suggest the Fatspawn race, and you should probably pick up the “Recovering Immobile” background. A few of the feats can help you pack on the pounds as well. Hope this was helpful.

Thanks. I might do that or I might go with the rune-knight because that looks like it might be cool to play and that feasting strike could be really good and a fighter can be either strength or dex based.