Expanded Universe

So, in my last post, i said i was making a new game. After a shit ton of post nut clarity, AI image generators and a man who i talked about sauce with, i have finally, FINALLY, uploaded that new game. Keep in mind, this is a short demo of chapter 1. Don’t worry it will all be in one game. THis is all you get for now until i actually finish this damn thing.
The game itself

Enjoy, or don’t, i’m too tired to give a shit at this point


Can we get a link for either mega or mediafire?
Google Drive bugs out the downloads.

The problem was on my end
Downloaded it
The lack of direction is kinda obvious isn’t it?

I walked out of the house…

And was immediately killed by the MIDI cover of I Want It That Way XD

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…Is the main town area all there is, btw? The mayor sends us on a quest, but there’s no way to exit the town that I can find.

If this is supposed to be an exit, you forgot to actually put one there.

“Down south” as he instructs is a complete dead end.

well, i ran into the same issue, and i have a feeling that the main town is the only area that’s available in the demo of the game

it says south but just go east

Edit: Correction - you need to click the action button on the tile.

600 mb for an rpgmaker demo usually means that the project is full of default unused assets that aren’t actually part of the game?


There’s a weird choose of BGM.


guess they wanted it that way


I strongly recommend using novel AI diffusion to generate the fat female art to the high quality of the image generation, and the use of the app called SketchBook to edit the photos in case of such editing of any flaws or imperfections are needed.

Sketchbook is also good for editing photos as well too.

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does the game just end when i save the mayor’s daughter?

how does it compare to gimp?

yeah pretty much, i haven’t really touched this thing in a WHILE, so idk if i’ll ever, well, EXPAND upon it

i might just try making another shitty short and sweet game at somepoint, i’ve gotten better at art and writing (my main hobby) since I posted this mid last year, but it depends on whether i can actually think of a small ‘plot’ that isn’t overused