Expanding Horizons™

End of the hiatus edition.

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So, I’d like to personally announce that Expanding Horizons has come off hiatus, and is entering development with an much more numerous team than before, with the addition of a coder, an artist, and a writer at this time, bringing us up to five.

The current developers are:
Coders- Yelmora Lardclaw, grotlover2
Writers- SelectFilly, LiquidSavage
Artists- Arc

I have full confidence in the abilities of all our team members to carry out their tasks. Any questions should be directed below, and all game updates and developments will be posted here, along with on our Discord server, which can be found via this link: Discord

The concept document is now “ready”, but will likely be edited as time goes on. Link below.


This looks like it’s going to be a great game. The concept certainly gives me the Starbound feel.
It would probably be smart to add something to make it stand out more from such games. Like maybe a skill tree or something.

Would there be a non-anthro humanoid speices (like the Starbound Floran)?

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It will have much that will distinguish it, even without considering the fact that there will be an entirely different perspective to the game.

Maybe. Unsure as of yet how that would affect gameplay from a mechanical, writing, and animation perspective, and we want to get the basics done first.

Hi. I created an account to tell you how excited by this concept I am. I’d also like to join your Discord, but the invite link appears to be broken. If it’s still up, would you mind refreshing the link?

The project as of now can be considered dead. I don’t have the time or motivation to work on it, unfortunately.